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is it possible that Hypnosis can change your eye color.?

May 3, 2014 by relax  
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Question by louis g: is it possible that Hypnosis can change your eye color.?
i heard that Hypnosis can change it but it takes time some lady told me but idk if is true any of u guys heard it and if id did work tell me how it works i heard people did through mp3 or ipods by dowloading it to there. but anywas if it did work can u guys tell me how u did it and the website u guys got the mp3 of it thanks.
oh and my eyes where gray when i was born then turned light brown and now iam 16 and there dark brown ever since i was 2 years old .

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Answer by Batista.Rox!!!!
personally i think thats impossible if ur talking scientifically u can not manipulate the eye color without surgery or an other intrinsic thing

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5 Responses to “is it possible that Hypnosis can change your eye color.?”
  1. itsjustme says:

    The notion that hypnosis can change eye color is ridiculous!

  2. michele says:

    Absolutely not.

    ~Dr. B.~

  3. Judy says:

    Never heard of that one – genetically, unless you have multi-colored eyes, you will not be able to change brown eyes to blue, etc because the genetics are not there.

  4. kittygoeswild says:

    Yes and you can also use it to get different hair color and skin color. Even grow a third hand.

  5. Helpless says:

    commenting to person above me: Guys already have third hands ;)

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