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Is it possible to do things you don’t want under hypnosis?

November 3, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Sindala: Is it possible to do things you don’t want under hypnosis?
I often read people under hypnosis never do things they don’t really want to do. Yet I have seen many videos of hypnotized people doing things that clearly were embarrassing to them later. What does this mean? Are they faking or can hypnotists make you do things you don’t want to?

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Answer by Knathan the Knight
From what I understand, it isn’t that you are forced to do anything (controlled), but that you feel free to do it.

For example, compare how you would act and speak around friends with how you would speak around someone like your mother or your boss. Hypnosis would free you from the concern you have when dealing with those people.

As for when someone is on stage and acts like a chicken, they do it because they’re hypnotized to lose that fear of how they would appear to others. They don’t care and while they are conscious of what they say and do, they don’t mind doing it.

I have heard that you can also be hypnotized to forget things done under hypnosis, and while I can’t speak on that, I can say that until they hypnotize you to forget it, you do it willingly and carefree.

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One Response to “Is it possible to do things you don’t want under hypnosis?”
  1. David says:

    No because when you are in the hypnotic state you are actually more protected from doing something then you are in the everyday awake state.One of the unconscious minds functions is to protect you. You can still be embarrassed by something even though you really wanted to do whatever it was at the time.

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