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Is there such a thing as hypnosis through telekinetic?

January 24, 2012 by relax  
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Question by babylonprincess2000bc: Is there such a thing as hypnosis through telekinetic?
How do you try to hypnotise someone if that person is not there infront of you?Is there such a thing as hypnosis through telekinetic?

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Answer by Bubbles ™
yes… look into my eyes

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One Response to “Is there such a thing as hypnosis through telekinetic?”
  1. Bradley P says:

    Well….I wouldn’t know about the telekinesis part, but it *is* actually possible, with the other person’s knowledge and consent mind you, to entrance someone long distance, say by telephone or an instant Messenger program.

    This was actually done, tested and proven in the 1950s, courtesy of an experiment involving the use of postcards. :) It worked. I will hunt up the Wiki link for you shortly on that…

    But yes, it is possible (albeit not easy) to induce a post hypnotic trance in someone remotely, by way of telephone, text messaging, mail or email…I’ve done it, as a hobby of sorts, for the past seven years, and know plenty of other people who do this on a recreational basis as well. The thing you have to understand is…like any hypnosis, it’s going to be a low-percentage endeavor unless you know the party you want to put under, he or she *knows AND trusts* you, and there is some degree of screening involved so that you are basically *giving the other person* what s/he wants.

    And even with all that, with knowledge, trust, consent and screening….it’s still a coin toss. It’s still something that works, at best, maybe 50% of the time. Some people need to have hypnosis *done for them* in audio, live session, by way of someone speaking to them…..and won’t respond to text they have to read themselves. Others just won’t have the self-control, focus or intellect to make it through any but the shortest written material. In this regard healthy, consentual hypnosis is the *Polar Opposite* of the Jedi Mind Trick: you actually *want* someone intelligent, with a strong mind, for a good subject.

    But yeah, whether “telekinesis” exists or not is really a separate issue (though some folks I’ve put under say weird things have happened remotely in that regard, that is a whole different issue), the point is hypnosis can and does happen remotely, outside of in-person live sessions.

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