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Learning Hypnosis for the Law of Attraction

June 9, 2010 by relax  
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Since the launching of The Secret movie in 2006, the world has been crazy about the law of attraction.  In fact, the law of attraction is much much older than this.  But, if you already watched the movie you would already know this.  As I started to learn about law of attraction and manifestation techniques, I thought to myself, “Hypnosis could be a vital tool to making your thoughts more positive and more equipped to attract the things you want.”  This article will go over some ways learning hypnosis can be used to help you attract your heart’s desires.

Positive thinking can be made more automatic and habitual through hypnosis.  Many books say that all you need to do is make 51% of your daily thoughts to be positive in order to it have a changing affect in your life.  This is sound easier than it actually is for a lot of people.  That’s over half the day.  If you have a very stressfull job or are going through relationship problems, 51% may as well be 100%.  Through the use of hypnosis you can actually program your mind to think positively no matter what.  It’s like a computer program.  No matter what is happening outside of it, the program stays the course.

Your belief system is the major force in attracting anything.  The famous saying is, “If you believe it you can achieve it.”  Your belief system is the very basis of what you attract in your life.  For instance, if you have a rock solid belief that the more money you spend, the more money you will make; that will be true for your own reality.  Through hypnosis you can hard code this belief in your head.  You can make the belief so powerful that it will be the truth.

Taking action doesn’t come naturally to some people.  They say that as you are attracting something opportunities present themselves which will lead you to your desires.  If you intuition is telling you to take some sort of action, you should take it.  Maybe it is out of fear or laziness, but some people don’t take action even if they feel that there is an intuitive nudge in that direction.  Hypnosis can make you so compelled to take action, that you won’t have a choice to do what you need to do in order to get what you want.

  You now know some ways that learning hypnosis can be used to help you attract your heat’s desires.  You can make your positive thinking more natural and automatic, you solidify your beleifs, and you can take action when you need to.  

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