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Overcoming Fear Of Needles Hypnosis

February 20, 2011 by relax  
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For most of us, having a needle is a routine procedure at the doctors when required.  But yet for some people they need to be overcoming fear of needles every single time.  I must admit, a needle stuck into your gums at the dentist is quite fearful and I have been tempted to run off in fear myself.  Having a fear of needles is very real and those of you who suffer from this fear all know too well how it can disrupt your lives.  My best friend who is suffering from cancer and is being treated for it right now had an incredible fear of needles.   Fearing a needle is not really something that you need when your being treated for cancer as you have to have a lot of needles.

I took my friend in for a routine blood test.  While we were waiting in a very nicely cooled room, he was sweating profusely.  I asked him what was wrong and noticed how badly he was shaking.  Are you sick I asked him?  No, I just know what is coming up and I am petrified.  The fear seemed quite illogical but I could tell how genuinely scared he was.  With probably less then five minutes to go before his scheduled appointment, I successfully cured my friend from a lifetime of fearing something as simple as a needle.  How?  Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a very extremely powerful mind therapy.  It has some very instant, and very dramatic effects and wonderful results that can change peoples lives.  What I love about hypnosis is that it can be applied anywhere and with instant results.  As well, you can now purchase hypnosis therapy sessions from very reputable suppliers and listen to them in the privacy of your own home.  What I love best about these mp3 hypnosis sessions is that you can listen to them over and over and you get a much better outcome.  The Overcoming fear of needles hypnosis session is just one of many hypnosis sessions available.

Hypnosis works by ‘playing’ positive thoughts and statements directly to your sub-conscience mind while your mind and thoughts are totally focused.  For my friend, I did that while he was sitting up in a doctors surgery and had him focus directly on my forehead.  His issue with needles was the pain after he had a terrible childhood experience with a needle at a hospital.  My simple on the fly hypnosis sessions, gently suggested to him that he can control the pain and have the nurse or doctor stop whenever he liked.

If you have a fear of needles and or if you are a cancer patient, then do not let your fear of needles dampen your treatment or day any longer.  I understand your cold sweats and I understand your fears are very real.  Your instant therapy hypnosis session is available right now for overcoming fear of needles.

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