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Q&A: Black Ops Hypnosis Help?

May 21, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Anonymous: Black Ops Hypnosis Help?
Hello there,
I’ve been looking for some street/instant hypnosis techniques and all of the sites I’ve been on require me to pay, which I cannot, since paying online is illegal in my country + it is probably a scam.

Could anyone refer me to a website/blog which has those techniques explained there and I can begin trying to hypnose.

Also, I don’t want the person to know he is being hypnotized and I would also like if I could remove his memory from this point of time like giving a suggestion like “While I am counting to five you will slowly wake up and you won’t remember anything that happened in the past hour.”

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Answer by skypod
wow you sound like a great friend


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One Response to “Q&A: Black Ops Hypnosis Help?”
  1. Colin says:

    youtube has a variety of videos on learning hypnosis techniques. you probably want to start out slow and learn traditional progressive relaxation hypnosis techniques and practice that first so you have a better understanding of how hypnosis works. hypnosis has the ability to cause severe mental duress you want to make sure you know what you are doing before you ever try doing it on someone else

    one of the key principles of hypnosis is that you cannot make someone do something that they dont already want to do. different people respond to amnesia suggestions in different ways. for some people they are very effective and others dont respond to them at all. for me i remember everything that was said for a couple hours after it is done and then forget it later that evening. if you are trying to hypnotise your friend it would be better to have him know that you are going to hypnotise him because he will likely know after you are done.

    if you have access to a library try and find any books by milton erickson

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