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Q&A: Does Hypnosis really help anxiety disorders?

June 9, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Jessica T: Does Hypnosis really help anxiety disorders?
I have been told that hypnosis really helps with anxiety disorders such as fear of leaving home and panic attacks. I have both of these problems and would like to know if it helps:)

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Answer by Bellaruse
I don’t know about hypnosis, but I do have a great trick for you when in the thick of an naxiety attack. ICE!
When you feel it coming on, or are in the thick of an anxiety attack, grab on to ice cubes, sit on the ground to feel your sit spots(butt bones), preferably with your back against a wall, and squeeze those ice cubes like crazy. No matter how much it burns, don’t let go until your breething, heart rate, and rushing thoughts stop. It will work almost instantaniuosly if not immediately. Trust me, I suffer from severe anxiety disorder as well as other bad things. It’s the best trick I’ve ever been taught to help the attacks dissappear. Hope it helps! Best of luck icon smile Q&A: Does Hypnosis really help anxiety disorders?

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One Response to “Q&A: Does Hypnosis really help anxiety disorders?”
  1. Pam R says:

    Hello Jessica

    Yes, hypnotherapy is excellent for anxiety.

    Even the process of being hypnotised is helpful due to the relaxation of the body.

    Anxiety is a polite word for fear & hypnosis has many techniques for uncovering or resolving such matters.
    Nip onto my site & look at info & faq

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