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Q&A: Does hypnosis to relieve phobias really work?

July 8, 2012 by relax  
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Question by : Does hypnosis to relieve phobias really work?
has anyone had hypnosis performed on them to relieve any phobias?

I have an EXTREME phobia of vomit and people have told me to try many different things…but hypnosis stood out to me…

does it really work?
im really desperate as this phobia is ruining my life…i have constant headaches and just thinking of the word makes me feel sick. and then i totally freak out and cant sleep.

i havent thrown up in years but i realize that someday i am gonna get sick again and have to deal with it again so i want to get cured ASAP.
any other suggestions are welcomed

Best answer:

Answer by Roland B
Some say yes and some say no…. I have heard it works for some and not for others….. Guess it depends on what you believe?

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Does hypnosis to relieve phobias really work?”
  1. aimee_lcc says:

    yes, it does

  2. Veronica Alicia says:

    It definitely can work!
    I had a colleague who was a neuro-linguistic programmer and was with him in one session where a guy was cured of his fear of heights
    The phobia was so strong that all upstairs curtains in his house were always pulled; Within half an hour, the NLP guy had the sufferer sliding up a sash window, 3 floors up and leaning out. When I met him a week later he said that he’d just been up to his roof on a ladder clearing leaves from the gutter!
    That wasn’t just hypnosis – it was magic!
    If you give it a try, what have you to lose except some money and I would think you’d be happy to risk a little to gain a lot.

  3. Doc says:

    Hi. This is hard for you, I know–but believe it or not, as long as nothing else is going on, this is an easy difficulty to have treated.

    This type of phobia is actually easily treated by a licensed psychologist specializing in anxiety disorders. Most “treatments,” “self-help,” and other things you get off the internet or even see recommended by others here on “Answers” (like life coaching, EMDR, hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and the like) are just rip offs and wastes of time and money, typically put out by those looking to take advantage of desparate people or by those without appropriate training/qualifications, or those who are no where near the mainstream of competent psychological care. Specifically regarding hypnosis, there is no evidence to suggest it be used as the primary treatment for phobias. There is some fringe research that is either poorly conducted or decades old (in other words out of date) that suggests it might help when added in to exposure therapy. As an expert in the anxiety area, you should know that hypnosis is NOT taught at reputable universities/programs, is NOT recommended in any current treatment guidelines/treatment manuals/evidence based guidelines, and generally will be a waste of time for you. If anything, you probably get a placebo effect.

    The only scientifically proven way to treat phobias is with exposure and you’ll want that done under the care of a trained professional. There typically aren’t many complications to this kind of treatment and there certainly aren’t any deep or underlying problems that require years of therapy (In other words, ignore suggestions for psychodynamic or psychoanalytic treatment–your fear is not because of the way your mom treated you when you were 2 or some other such nonsense!). Exposure sounds scary, but nothing should be forced on you, nothing should take you by surprise, and everything should go at a controlled, gradual pace. The goal with exposure is not to give you more than you can handle–doing that is just another bad experience which defeats the purpose.

    You should expect as little as 3-4 hours of treatment on one end to around 8-10 sessions/hours at the other to see results. Skip psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy–no proven benefits. Also, medication is NOT recommended for specific phobias and generally won’t help with the fear itself. The buzz words to use are that you want either a “behavioral” or a “cognitive-behavioral” psychologist who will use an “empirically supported treatment” (this just means using one of several treatments that have received considerable study and have been found to work the best).

    You’ve got several options. Most universities that have graduate programs in psychology have training centers where the clinical psychology professors (the experts!) supervise care for a significantly reduced price (some as little as 10-15% of community prices!). You can also try ADAA or ABCT’s websites and their find a therapist links.

    You taken an important step by asking the right questions and realizing the fear is getting in the way of you living your life, now the challenge is to find a qualified professional and keep your motivation to overcome this just a little while longer.

    Best of luck.

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