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Q&A: How can hypnosis change bad habits like smoking, over eating, etc?

January 15, 2014 by relax  
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Question by : How can hypnosis change bad habits like smoking, over eating, etc?
Hypnosis is frequently used to stop bad habits. Smoking, excessive/stress-related eating, nail biting, being overly aggressive, and other issues are addressed by hypnosis. How and why does this work.,-Get-Rid-of-the-Rest. Do you agree?

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Answer by marti
Sometimes it does work depending on what the habit is. Under hypnosis the hypnotist can discover the source of the problem; the reason why the person is smoking or over eating, etc. When the person is awake they are conscious and can choose to not tell the whole story or the truth. But when unconscious they have no choice.

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One Response to “Q&A: How can hypnosis change bad habits like smoking, over eating, etc?”
  1. YA Junkie says:

    There are different theories about how hypnosis works. Most hypnostists propose we have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. To get to the unconscious mind, the hypnotist helps the client overcome what is called the critical factor. The critical factor is built up of years of conditioning and says things like “I can’t get a really successful job” or “I can’t quit smoking so easily,” etc.

    Usually the hypnotist uses deep relaxation to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is very smart and ingenious. It pumps our blood, regulates our digestion and hormones, etc. even when we are sleeping. It is also a storehouse of thousands of memories our conscious mind has forgotten. Moreover, the unconscious is much more open to positive suggestions and can override the critical factor.

    In a session, the hypnosis gains access to the unconscious mind and floods it with positive suggestions to overcome negative habits like smoking, overeating, etc.

    If a person has an emotional problem like depression, the hypnotist can tap into the storehouse of memories in the unconscious. The hypnotist can guide the client to the initial causes of the depression and help the client overcome the effects of the trauma. This can be a complicated process and not all hypnotists have the training to do this.

    There are crappy hypnotists out there and good ones. Try to find a hypnotist with a good reputation. A personal recommendation from someone who has seen the hypnotist can help a lot. I don’t think most hypnosis CDs are of much value. Generally, you need personal contact with a good professional. I wish you well.

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