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Q&A: How do I become successful with hypnosis?

December 6, 2010 by relax  
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Question by mikeywwe: How do I become successful with hypnosis?
I just recently bought some hypnosis downloads to overcome shyness and i just wanted to know how to get in a state of deep relaxation to allow the suggestions to attack my sub conscious mind. How often should I listen to the audio sessions? Serious answers Please. Thank you.

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Answer by Adam L
The more you listen to it the better. Maybe once a day.
You need to get comfortable as you can in a big chair or lying in bed. And really pay attention to the speaker

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How do I become successful with hypnosis?”
  1. Ben_eb says:

    Perhaps a professional could get you on the right track more quickly.

  2. David says:

    The hypnosis audio should have all you need to enter an altered state. You might notice that it is different each time, and even though you might not think you are in deep relaxation, it does not matter. Just by closing your eyes a person is 80% in alpha wave state which is associated with a light to medium trance (depth does not matter) enough to get results.
    Listen repeatedly, thats all you need do.
    Also the suggestions do not ‘attack’ your unconscious mind, this kind of implies you are at war with yourself, just listen and then forget about it.

  3. nayy z says:

    I love self hypnosis its the best felling.

    I’d recomend doing it daily, no more than 3 times a day though, and do it for about 15-30 Mins.

    The best way i do it is to relax. Focus on somthing on the wall and make sure its just above eye level so its straining to look at (not to straining) keep focusing as if your trying to look at a microscopic part, then when your eyes start to strain.. Relax and you’re vision will become wider, you’ll see more of the room, that is your prefirel vision (soz about spelling) and your prefirel vision nerve helps relax you. By then you’ll be in some what of a trance.

    A little other info for people who happen to read this:
    Self hypnosis is so relaxing, i havnt met some 1 who does not love the felling of drifting around.

    It helps with your internal clock, i havnt needed a alarm clock for years becasue i wake up at 7 on the dot every morning, which is helpfull cuz it doesnt relay on power and all the rest.

    It can help you become more of a problem solver

    My personal fav which i think is most interesting is time distortion hypnosis, you’ll be in hypnosis for about 15 mins, but it’ll be inside your head for a few hours, you could practice guitar in your head or cram for a test :p

    You can also controll your heart rate for people with panic attack problems, so you can program yourself to never make your heart beat go over 95%, controll your blood shugar levels for people with diabeaties, controll blood pressure and much more, can even help heal cuts and some people use it for fighting cancer as an alternitive to kemo.

  4. says:

    I’ve been involved in hypnosis since the 1990s and I have been trained by one of the best in the world. Here’s my view:

    The download that you purchased, if it is any good, should guide you into a trance. There is nothing special you need to do. You clearly have the desire to change, and you’ve taken action by opening your wallet to buy something to help. Just listen to the CD / MP3 often, I would say a few times per week. More than once per day is unnecessary.

    In addition, I highly suggest learning some NLP techniques to help you enter a positive state “on demand”. This can be done on your own, without trance, and has instant results.

    The Peak Performance CD by Mike Mandel is outstanding, but is simply ONE suggestion. Otherwise, you can buy books on the topic of NLP from Amazon, etc.

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