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Q&A: How do I break my life-long habit of paying attention to my hands and nails when bored?

May 6, 2013 by relax  
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Question by thejanith: How do I break my life-long habit of paying attention to my hands and nails when bored?
I’ve quit biting my nails — mostly, anyway — with the help of that disgusting-tasting clear polish. It took over a year. Now, a couple of years later, I still can’t break my habit of paying attention to my hands, however, and so I end up fidgeting with and picking at my nails (not much better than biting, of course, and only slightly more sanitary) and peeling them. It’s not a nervous habit, and comes up mostly when I have nothing to do with my hands. Any good ideas about how to break this habit? Carrying a file and using it only reinforces this habit of paying attention to my own hands. I need to learn somehow to ignore them. Please don’t suggest hypnosis, but I’m open to just about anything else!

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Answer by J J
Oh wow i have the nail biting problem too. I just can’t stand it when they get even the slitest bit long i just have to bite them. they feel so weird i can’t stand it and i always accidentally scatch myself whever they get too long. I’v tried to stop. I probably could if i really had to but yeah.

You just have to be aware of it and every time you find yourself doing it start to do something else.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: How do I break my life-long habit of paying attention to my hands and nails when bored?”
  1. atarischris says:

    Cut off your fingers.
    That way, whenever you look at your hands, you get disgusted and turn away.
    Life-Long Habit Finally Overcome!

  2. xtrm says:

    i have a nervous habit of fideting with my goatee so in order to break it i just kept it cut off. were gloves to cover your hands then you can;t see them

  3. kenny613taylor says:

    First, ur not breaking any rules by taking care of ur hands. I’d say that subconsciencely ur very aware of how filthy the world is around us. ur hands r a direct route into ur body, especially the palms of the hands & the areas around the nails. Simply make ur self aware of this subconscience awareness, bring it to the surface, find a beneficial solution, & be satisfied with it. For example, wear gloves when going into store like Walmart. U would freak out knowing the harmful substances that are living & waiting for someone to get on to on the handle of the carts in those places. Clean all produce & kosher everything. Also, pastor tells us to spray our hands with lye water, & to spray our shoes & feet when entering the house after being outside! DO NOT use man made stuff like anti-bacterial soaps or lotions!!! These man made items work a little to well, in that they kill both the harmful & the beneficial bacteria living on yur skin, thus causing ur skin to crack &U peel. Stay informed!!!

  4. Tom R says:

    I noticed your avatar and do not feel that there is a conflict with hypnosis. I have been certified as a hypnotist since 1954 and have worked with priests and ministers from many faiths.
    first i recommend that you cut your nails short, no polish except for some clear polish if necessary. get rid of the nail file emery boards , nail polish etc in your purse or pockets. this includes scissors,clippers etc. You must get up 30 minutes early each mourning and wash and scrub the nails and cuticles with a brush and clean under them with an orange wood stick. if your nails chip easily strip them of polish and give them a coat of clear polish and dry it and give them a top coat.before coating the nails wipe then down with nail polish removerand dry. thats it but it must be done every mourning. seven days a week! Thats it. This is to be done first. before breakfast. Under no circumstances can you leave the house before this is done and you must not be late leaving in the mourning…when you have done this for 1 month write me back and I will explain step No. 2

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