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Q&A: How to make a serial killer the hero?

August 20, 2013 by relax  
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Question by The Lambs Screaming: How to make a serial killer the hero?
In the book I am writing, I have a character that I just wanted to be a doctor. He has horses and he’s kind of antisocial. He has this method of putting someone into a hypnosis so deep that he can perform surgery on them, and sort of shut down the whole nervous system. He started to seem not deep enough so I added the killing part. He’s a serial killer, but I want to keep him lovable for the reader. Like in Lolita, the guy is having sexual thoughts about a 12 year old girl, but you can still call him the hero of the story.

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Answer by Firo
if he is a serial killer, make that like his dark secret. You know how many characters have that dark secret that no one knows about and is a big reason to the characters acting, that will be the dark secret, as long as he feels guilty and it stays a secret until a crucial plot point he can easily be viewed and portrayed as the good guy, but the way people see him will vary a lot.

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5 Responses to “Q&A: How to make a serial killer the hero?”
  1. LilyRT says:

    you might watch Peeping Tom to get some ideas. he’s a sympathetic serial killer along the lines of the guy in lolita. in the end, he wound up killing himself by the same methods he used to kill his victims.

    maybe your character fantasizes about doing surgery on himself? to ‘cut the bad parts out’?

  2. Christian says:

    Well it can be that in the end of the story it is revealed that all the people he killed was to save someone important or to keep them from doing a big crime. The entire time the people think he is a monster and hate him, but then everything changes when the truth is reveald. Idk just an idea

  3. kassi says:

    maybe make the victims that he kills the real bad guys. Kill pediphiles or child abusers, I think the only way he can still be a hero is if he kills only bad people.

  4. ? says:

    You want him to be a hero or a protagonist? He can be a villain protagonist and still be likable. If you are into Anime watch Death Note. It’s about a teen boy who becomes a serial killer by using a notebook that kills any person who’s name is written inside. He is a protagonist,and likable in a strange way, but also the clear villain of the story. You never actually hate him for his crimes, that’s the weird thing. I’m assuming that’s the effect you want, no?

  5. Cosmic MasterMind says:

    Watch the movie Falling Down.

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