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Q&A: Hypnosis??

June 6, 2011 by relax  
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Question by Hey Beautiful.: Hypnosis??
I would like to use self hypnosis on myself to improve on things in my being more social,getting rid of the fear of oral reports for school,motivate myself to participate in class, motivate myself to do all my school work, confidence in dance class,my self confidence etc
what i do now is i find a quite alone time. and sit in my chair. and i breathe deeply. (right now im focusing on the oral speech thing) i breathe deeply inward breathing in self confidence and boldness and social skills and breathe out the shy in me and the self doubt. i do that and think of what i want to achieve and i become in a relaxed state.idk if its hypnotic state though

i can hear everything around me.if i wanted to I can still breifly think of something completely do i know if im actualy hypnotizing myself?when i open my eyes i feel rested and relaxed. i feel confident and like this bold often should i do this too see more results and completely change myself?

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Answer by dr j
it’s not like you can overdose on self hypnosis. You might have landed on an important technique that is often used in psychotherapy. If you are doing it “too much,” you’ll realize fewer returns the amount of time your investing. There are good books on self hypnosis, and good books on something called “mindfulness” that is related and also very helpful.

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Hypnosis??”
  1. ???????? says:

    Hypnosis is only an illusion. If you want to really improve yourself, acept reality, and overcome the obsticles layed out in front of you. Hypnosis only blinds you from the obsticles.

    BTW, for presentations, stare at the wall, or take a quick glimpse at the person (people)’s eyes. I have trouble with presentations too.

  2. cyranothe2nd says:

    What you are attempting to do is called Autogenic Relaxation. You can look it up on a variety of sites.
    Basically–you can hypnotize yourself by imagining you limbs as heavy and warm. Eventually you can enter a peaceful place in your mind, a place where you can “suggest” things to yourself. This works along the order of affirmations or mantras. However, its hard to do autogenic relaxation without some training.
    What it sounds to me like you are doing is a form of meditation. This is a little easier to do without training and is more self-directed.
    A word of caution–relaxation methods like these can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Some people tell you NEVER EVER to meditate alone. I would say not to meditate without a time limit–maybe a clock radio or something that goes off to stop you after 15-20 minutes. Just be sure it isn’t up very loud or you’re liable to be startled and very grumpy when you come out of it.
    Good luck!

  3. Sparky77x says:

    You should do this each night just before you go to sleep. It’s a quiet time and you can program yourself to get a good nights rest and wake up refreshed and feeling better than you’ve felt before about yourself and your lot in life. Also reinforce the things that you know are lacking to make you who you want to be. The power of positive thinking with hypnotic reinforcement can truly cause a change in your life.

  4. Silverback says:

    Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are junk medicine and you are not hypnotizing yourself. You are relaxing and meditating. I think this is a very healthy thing to do. Good for you. Change within yourself can take a long time but do not give up. Continue your introspection, visualization, and relaxation techniques. Athletes and successful people do this for themselves all the time. Also, look for other ways that could help you “conquer” your weaknesses. Don’t be hard on yourself for having disturbing thoughts and anxious feelings. There are millions of people like us out there. Keep your chin up and learn to master yourself, even if it takes medication to win the battle. I wish you the best. You seem very intelligent and mostly healthy. You’re just a little neurotic. The really sick people are the personality disordered. They have major problems because their problem is their personality…which is almost impossible to change. You don’t have a personality disorder so keep your chin up and be proud of yourself for your intelligence and ability to take care of yourself psychologically and emotionally.

  5. Jim B says:

    My girlfriend got some videos from that you may want to check out. She uses them for anxiety and to help curb her appetite and is having a lot of success. Good Luck!


  6. Tom R says:

    !. go to the advanced marker and click on it. type in hypnosis and do a search this should give you enough information. to start. remember to stay away fron stage hypnosis and letting friends practice on you. there are hundreds of questions and more than a few that have tom r as one of the answering parties. have fun and write me is you have spacific questions that you need information on.

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