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Q&A: Hypnosis…………?

June 16, 2011 by relax  
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Question by 1234: Hypnosis…………?
This is going to sound really REALLY silly/stupid so if your not serious about this, please don’t answer. Ok so basically, I really loved this guy. He broke my heart. For 3 years we were both very much in love, and he cheated on me. I’ve been really depressed and sad, I’m really not myself lately and I just want it to go away. I really would not like to be lectured on that fact. But, I really want to forget him, or loving him basically, because he’s a really good friend. So, I’ve been reading up on self hypnosis and hypnotization. So i guess I have a few questions: Is this a good idea? What is the best way to hypnotize myself to forget this? Should I self hypnotize or go to a hypnotist? Ok, please answer because I really need help with this one! Come on guys, free best answer!

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Answer by Tracy
Self-hypnosis is not at all bad. According to the culture that I have right now. But I guess it’s not, really. We actually discussed that in our Anatomy and Physiology class and our teacher totally shared with us on how to hypnotize ourselves. Am not sure if this actually works, but when I tried it, it’s quite ok. You just have to auto suggest yourself. So here it goes:
Before you sleep, lie on your bed and close your eyes. While closing your eyes, focus it upwards. Then count 100 to 1 and after that, immediately suggest to yourself what you want your mind to do. If this doesn’t work, you just have to auto suggest your mind. If you really want to forget him, make yourself busy. And when the time comes when your mind’s drifting to that guy or to the wonderful things that you have done together, then shift your mind to your other interests. Hope this helps.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Hypnosis…………?”
  1. Brandon says:

    I’ve been performing hypnotherapy and self hypnosis for a number of years now, and to tell you the truth, “forgetting” a huge part of your life is quite difficult. In fact, I haven’t run across any experience like that. But what I am getting from you is the fact that perhaps you don’t necessarily want to forget, but a deeper part of yourself wants to learn, to accept and to move on. You want to find bigger and better things.

    You probably already understand that his cheating on you had nothing to do with YOU–it stemmed from his own, deep insecurities about himself, relationships in general, etc. He perhaps wasn’t as strong or devoted into the relationship as you were, and now you know it is time to move on.

    Self hypnosis can be very powerful in helping to accept and love yourself, while also putting you into a state of mind where you see a bright new future, full of many men out there wanting to be with you. They’re out there, trust me. But you need to let go of the past, embrace your potential future, and then you will attract a new love. This new love will be better than the past, because you have learned and have grown. Most people don’t learn and grow when it comes to love, unless you understand those subconscious beliefs you have about love and yourself.

    So, the best thing for you to do is hypnotize yourself to 1) Accept yourself and your past 2) Release the Past and Embrace a New Future and 3) Attract Your Soul Mate or a New Love. This is a very simple process, and done over the course of a few days, weeks or months, you will soon be creating a brand new life for you. You deserve it.

    Thanks for the idea, by the way. I’m a hypnotherapist and I’m always looking for new ways to help people by developing certain programs geared toward their needs. I know many people are looking for ways to get past their memories, deep rooted beliefs about love, etc., and you have helped me realize this. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Jody says:

    Sounds like the Jim Carrey movie.

    Shock treatment might do it, but not self-hypnosis/hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has been somewhat effrective at relieving pain, but no one can suggest themselves out of the emotion of love for another human being, I don’t think.

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