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Q&A: Hypnosis — What is the most Cost-Effective way to learn it?

February 18, 2011 by relax  
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Question by So Tir: Hypnosis — What is the most Cost-Effective way to learn it?
Hey, gang.
What is the most cost-effective way to both learn therapeutic hypnosis and to become licensed (et cetera) in order to practice such? I am located in the United States, and naturally each state will vary. A Yahoo / Google search yielded scores of obvious results, however I want some human interaction on this question if possible.

Also, thank you very much for your time. You have other things to do, and I respect you for your time and efforts. Really.
Sorry to forget details…
I have some background in the basics, and I have successfully induced and maintained two people though limb cataleptic state. Also, in one subject I was able to help her manage arthritis pain down to much more tolerable levels. A college pre-medical senior, I anxiously await more insights.

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One Response to “Q&A: Hypnosis — What is the most Cost-Effective way to learn it?”
  1. Tom R says:

    I am a retired hypnotist, certified n 1954 and I do have time. I am going to put my email address in a very simple code in this text, if i just put it in as a regular address the computer will remove it. any way trob, i will see you about 9030 and we will go at this thing @ .. Yahoo goes the cowboy. OK it is there look for what does not fit.
    the fact that you could do the induction is the hard part maintaining it is kind of out of order. You should always deepen the trance and keep deepening it if possible by an automatic suggestion such as each breath you take will make you go deeper and deeper. this is better than just staying at the same level. do some reading on glove anesthesia and write me at the new number(above address)

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