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Q&A: I feel very uncomfortable after doing a hypnosis?

January 26, 2013 by relax  
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Question by haribo†: I feel very uncomfortable after doing a hypnosis?
I did a hypnosis out if bordem to see into my future life and I didn’t think it would work and still don’t believe it but it was hours ago and I’m still very uncomfortable and shaken. What I saw was I was in a hospital I was mid thirties and I had a husband with me,I was in a children’s ward with my daughter who was roughly 6 or 7. She was in the bed and she was sick but me and my family in this dream thing were still laughing even though I think she was terminally ill,she looked a lot like me when I was 6ish, not that long ago I was in a ward that looked similar but I’m pretty sure this was America I don’t know what makes me think that (I’m British) there was also a picnic basket? What? Why a picnic basket? I wasn’t even sleeping which is the strange thing and I remember it all unlike a dream.
I’m really confused I don’t understand this stuff can someone explain and also explain why I’m so shaken still even hours later?

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Answer by A Black Man’s Holy Grail

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3 Responses to “Q&A: I feel very uncomfortable after doing a hypnosis?”
  1. ????? Citrine Dream says:

    Even if it was placebo, the shakeness is still real. You can do a simple “grounding” excercise to just get rid of the excess energy. Just sit in a comfortable position, I personally like to imagine that there’s a white circle arround me on the floor. concentrate on your breating and just immagine that you’re taking in the good air, and giving the “bad” air back out to be cleansed. Just do this for 15 mins or so or until you feel better. You can probably find a simple and not terribly kooky grounding meditation on youtube if that would be better for you.

  2. Salted Pingas says:

    Bro, you gotta take a chill pill, not a crazy pill.

  3. Davids says:


    Hypnosis is witchcraft.
    Repent and let God fix it.

    He does that.

    You know Jesus, right?

    If not, now’s the time to talk to him about it all.

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