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Q&A: I want to stop liking the Cubs. Does hypnosis work?

May 10, 2013 by relax  
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Question by HALO-BRAWL: I want to stop liking the Cubs. Does hypnosis work?
I want to stop liking the Chicago Cubs. I accept that they will never, ever, ever, ever, ever win a world series championship, and I dont want to go my entire life without seeing my favorite team win one. But once you have loved a team for your entire life, its hard to just pick somebody else, and think of the one you used to cheer for as just another game on your new team’s schedule.

I want to stop liking the Cubs. Does hypnosis work? And if so, about how much does it cost and what new team should I make myself like? The Yankees? Red Sox? Heck..this is hard to say…even the Cardinals? I dont want to suffer throught he Cubs anymore.

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Answer by dirosko
I have no idea why you would even watch that team! I do have a solution, and this will work just fine for all of you Cubs fans – Start watching the St. Louis Cardinals. They are a far superior team, with far superior players. You can jump the bandwagon, we don’t mind. St. Louis already has such a strong fan base that you will be welcomed with open arms. It’s about time a Cubs fan sees the light! icon smile Q&A: I want to stop liking the Cubs. Does hypnosis work?

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13 Responses to “Q&A: I want to stop liking the Cubs. Does hypnosis work?”
  1. JimBob says:

    Lol you poor guy!

    As a Red Sox fan all I can say is hang in there! When had 86 years of misery, and down 3games to 0, and losing in the 9th of the 4th game and poof! All that was gone and I got to witness something amazing! I would suggest you get Dave Roberts on your team next year, he seems to be able to perform exorcisms!

  2. Sam G says:

    If it works, let me know. I need to make that change as well. I can’t bring myself to like the yankees. Maybe for the rest of the post season I’ll go Rockies, and I’ll decide who my favorite team is next season.

  3. bob l says:

    watch the royals

  4. Lex says:

    Ok Mets fan here, I think we have the biggest gripe this season so hush! lol ;) jk

    The Yankees are a good team if you can’t deal with losing. That’s why all the obnoxious control freak jerks are Yankee fans lol

    Stick with your team ;)

  5. stay_fan2 says:

    Just watch an entire game.
    Either your eyes will bleed themselves dry, or you will no longer be a Cubs fan.

  6. rob w says:

    once a cubs fan always a cubs fan,don’t stop loving the cubs because you don’t think they’ll get to win a world series,because when they do ,99yrs of fustration is going to be one hell of a party,you can’t just pick another team,i was born a cubs fan ,and remember my grandfather sitting there on the porch rooting for the cubs,lots of good memories,some bad ,but mostly good,besides its always easier to root for a winner,look at the alanta braves,their fans get sick of them winning.they don’t even fill the stadium seats up anymore,cubs fans are the best,win or lose ,rain or shine,wrigley is always full….go cubbies!

  7. PuckDat says:

    Aversion therapy in this case or maybe shock therapy might achieve better result. We learn to avoid things that hurt us (usually). Hypnosis is bunk. Plain and simple.

  8. Giliathriel says:

    Yes!!! You’re going in the right direction! Support the Cardinals!

  9. Daniel C says:

    As a lifelong Phils phan, I can tell you – hypnosis DOESN’T WORK! You can try switching teams, but it just won’t feel the same.

  10. reignjah says:

    as for me i a red sox fan but in general im a fan of all the teams in mlb…no matter who makes the playoffs, i enjoy watching great games and whoever wins…wins!!! instead of liking a particular team why not just like all the teams and enjoy the surprises of the postseason.

    ….hey the cubs are down 0-2 but they are by far not out of it yet…red sox did it down 3!!!

  11. Chitown fan says:

    Tho i’m not a Cub fan per se, don’t stop liking them.

    A new owner will make things right here in Chicago.

  12. Bannersville says:

    Geez, dude. Don’t give up yet.

  13. Me says:

    Well if you want to stop being a Cubs fan I doubt you were ever a real fan.

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