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Q&A: Is it possible to hypnotize yourself to change a behavior?

December 11, 2012 by relax  
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Question by oh my: Is it possible to hypnotize yourself to change a behavior?
Can you change a particular behavior through self-hypnosis, or is this something only a professional can do?

Can parts of a personality be changed also?

If this was possible and you wanted to do it, what would you change about yourself?

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Answer by active open programming
I think it is possible, I define it as learning. When we have the discipline to learn and adapt we are changing our behaviors. Perhaps I would call it improving rather than changing even if it takes several revisions before I find myself ahead of my game.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Is it possible to hypnotize yourself to change a behavior?”
  1. Shaman says:

    Yes…. It’s possible. But you don’t have to go through some “induction” that is thought of as “hypnosis”.

    All it really takes is a sincere, commited desire and decision to change.

    You can change behavior for sure, you can change the personality traits you exhibit (though changing who we think we are takes a radical change in perspective of how we see ourselves). Ppl do this all the time. Some call it “re-inventing” themselves.

  2. Sadhara Satguru says:


    Self Hypnosis is an easy task to adopt & common.

    Hypnosis itself is a natural state of mind, you enter into it several times a day.

    Yes you can change aspects of yourself with hypnosis.


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