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Q&A: Is there any Slave hypnosis that works?

October 23, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Starlight: Is there any Slave hypnosis that works?
I am having trouble finding good hypno audios or vids that can make me into a slave. If anyone knows about a video or audio of a slave hypnosis that can break a strong mind, please let me know.
Reason being… I have more of a Sub attitude than a Dom.

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Answer by Genegee
No there is no tape nor any program that does what you want nor do they deal with sick deranged people in any way.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Is there any Slave hypnosis that works?”
  1. anthony h says:

    if your mind is so strong, become a master and lose a slaves ideaology. i find it a little ridiculous, you know this post, why degrade yourself?

  2. Regina says:

    Hypnosis does work and is proven, and i have used it personally. However it does not work for
    most people. If it did you would have hypnosis clinics on every corner. There are better
    methods that you can use that are similar to hypnosis that are more effective and less

  3. Michael says:

    Watch it and follow the instructions inside it from beginning to end
    straight through. No skipping ahead (can tell if you cheat) and make sure
    you will be undisturbed (e.g. no pets and turn off cellphone).

    Headphones should be used for the sound. Mute the sound if you
    don’t have headphones.

  4. Romeo says:

    Do a search for “subliminal tape slave”.

    But your sub attitude means it appears you are already slave. Slavery after all comes from deep within you. It is about relaxing. It is about letting go and hearing your owner’s voice inside you. Let your owner’s thoughts become your thoughts. And as you relax deeper your owner’s voice comes from within you. Your owner’s thoughts become your thoughts…. you are slave thoughts…

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