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Q&A: Regarding the effects of hypnosis, which statement is most accurate?

December 27, 2012 by relax  
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Question by farima: Regarding the effects of hypnosis, which statement is most accurate?
A. Hypnotized subjects visualize themselves in the future through age progression.
B. Feats of superhuman strength are characteristic of hypnotic suggestion.
C. Pain levels increase in people who are hypnotized—especially amputees.
D. Color vision and time sense can be altered through hypnosis.

Best answer:

Answer by Carrissa R
Pretty sure its b.time and vision arent altered by hypnosis neither is pain

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Regarding the effects of hypnosis, which statement is most accurate?”
  1. Ukiah says:

    E. None of the above.

  2. Tom R says:

    All could be true but usually A. age progression is nonexistent
    for the most part I have only seen 3 cases of age progression in 50years of practice.
    B. is very dangerous C. why would you want to increase a persons pain. Almost all the time pain levels are reduced.
    Vision and time sense can be changed easily.I have asked subjects to reduce their level of vision until they were completely blind . Surprisingly the subjects did not find this frightening, they were told everything would return to normal at their request.

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  3. Mark D says:


    Reasons below

    A. They can visualise themselves, in their imagination, in the future just as I can imagine my future tomorrow if I stay up any later tonight. If you mean forsee the future as in a predetermined destiny then no.

    B. They are not characteristic. Although increased strength and sports performance have been noted I believe.

    C. No. Pain can be increased and decreased through suggestion under hypnosis. Without suggestion nothing will happen to the pain levels. Hypnosis on its own is simply a state of increased suggestability so nothing happens per se in hypnosis.

    D. Most certainly time sense distortion is well known test of hypnotic suggestability (Stamford Hypnotic Suggestability Scale). I believe a recent paper that was reported in the New York Times showed evidence of color distortion too.

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