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Q&A: To professional hypnotists?? Does posthypnotic suggestion in self hypnosis actually work?

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Question by : To professional hypnotists?? Does posthypnotic suggestion in self hypnosis actually work?
Posthypnotic suggestion as in suggestions with a trigger or a cue that you give yourself during self hypnosis? I’m not talking about the ones given to yourself by professional hypnotists. I’m talking about the ones you give yourself.
My question is, if you give yourself a posthypnotic suggestion in self hypnosis, do they work????

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Answer by watervox
Post-hypnotic suggestion, or auto-suggestion in self-hypnosis does work, as long as the outcome is something that the person desires. If the suggestion is for something that goes against your personal beliefs, you will not follow it. Self-hypnosis is a very simple state to achieve. You have probably been in this state many times, without realizing that’s what it is. It can feel like just daydreaming and drifting or almost like going to sleep. It’s a natural, comfortable state, so you may not experience it as being out of the ordinary. It is extremely helpful, in making most changes you want to make.

I am a professional, certified hypnotherapist in private practice. I often do self-hypnosis to help myself accomplish a thing, sometimes using a deeper state, and sometimes just drifting into a daydream and repeating an affirmation, or even just simply visualizing things I want having happened, or happening, or visualizing or imagining things happening that lead up to what I want becoming real. When I wanted to go to the gym and do water aerobics 4 times a week, I told myself how much I enjoy it — how I love the water, and the nice people, and taking a sauna afterward, and feeling so good and clean when I leave the gym — and my autosuggestion was simply ‘I just feel better when I go to the gym!’ I would wake in the morning, and go straight into hypnosis, then think all those things — visualize myself enjoying frollicking in the water, and feeling stronger and having fun with the others there. As a result, whenever I didn’t think I could go to the gym, I’d just pop up in the morning and go, no problem! Didn’t even have to set an alarm! It’s great stuff, but feels very gentle, because it’s you, doing what you want to do.

If you want to learn self-hypnosis, you might want to get this wonderful book by Charles Tebbetts, called ‘Self-Hypnosis And Other Mind-Expanding Techniques.’ This book reveals the structure and workings of the mind, and how to do self-hypnosis, in a very clear, simple way.

Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind Expanding Techniques

Best of luck with it!

p.s. And yes, there are some who can not be hypnotized: Those with a certain degree of brain damage, extremely psychotic people, those on heavy narcotics, those with extremely low I.Q.’s, and those who do not wish to be hypnotized.

Watervox Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

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