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Q&A: What, besides being ripped off, is a Christian experiencing at the touch of a faith healer?

December 26, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Desiree: What, besides being ripped off, is a Christian experiencing at the touch of a faith healer?
They’re experiencing something because they fall over and start chanting, “Halleluiah!” over and over. But what is it; is it hypnosis, a trance or some other warped state of mind?

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Answer by Desert Dragon
Cocaine is a helluva drug.

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17 Responses to “Q&A: What, besides being ripped off, is a Christian experiencing at the touch of a faith healer?”
  1. Louis P. Wu says:

    It depends on if the guy is the President of Godfather’s and is reaching up her skirt.

  2. God is a myth, moron. says:

    God knows..

  3. Yellow Swing Park says:

    With fundamentalists, it is usually a complete fabrication

  4. Purple Monkey Dishwasher says:

    possible trama from sexual abuse. sometimes the touch you in bad places i hear.

  5. Lionel1020 says:

    The touch of a faith healer….sounds like a line used by a priest when chatting up a little boy

  6. acideye says:

    If they start walking then

  7. No Chance Without Jesus says:

    Wouldn’t know….never been

  8. the re - chosen one says:

    Positive energy.

  9. scooterpoop supreme contributor says:

    Christians don’t use faith healers, and where faith healing takes place, if that’s what you want to call it, there are no payments.

    So where’s the rip-off?

  10. Max Marie, SFO says:

    What ever it is – it’s a lot more fun than you’ll ever have.

    Look, people like Benny Hinn give everybody all Christians a bad name.

    Sort of like you give atheists a bad name. Most are intelligent and ask meaningful questions. And then there’s you. Asking questions like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum.

  11. Tag Jones says:

    So you have no idea what is going on, and yet you feel obliged to deride?

    What is your problem?

  12. Bored Again BrokenEye PBUH says:

    “Stop! Touching! Me!”

  13. Archer says:

    The concept of being able to transfer energies for healing purposes is not just a christian idea. Christians have turned it into a money maker though. We all have energy, that which is “us” is energy which can be shared, transferred or drawn in. You lack of understanding of this concept is leading you to think that it is a christian concept, it is not.

  14. Orac says:

    A severely overstimulated amygdala.

    Most religious hysteria and “feeling of the spirit” is thought to be the result of the believer working themselves up so much that the amygdala (responsible for the regulation of emotional states) goes into a kind of overactive frenzy.

    It’s the same kind of nervous shock reaction that makes people go hysterical when scared to death or when they burst out into uncontrollable tears when happy. It’s long been known we have the ability to self-induce such states (the best actors make a career on it). Religions have been using the response for thousands of years. Because it’s such a shocking, irrational and unnatural seeming state for a person to be in, it’s assumed (especially amongst Charismatic Christians) to be induced by the spirit.

  15. That Jesus Freak says:

    I heal people on the streets when I go out and evangelize. God gave me the healing gift. Therefore, when I lay hands on people, they get healed through Jesus Christ. You can call it super powers. I call it God.

  16. Dennis says:

    The loss of money, and the theft of Faith in God!

  17. Rambo says:

    There are some fakes out there of course, and I would have left it at that except I have known those healed whos affliction was incurable to modern medical Science, but would you accept that? Course not, your hatred won’t allow it

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