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Q&A: What happens during hypnosis and how does hypnosis work?

February 1, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Alu: What happens during hypnosis and how does hypnosis work?
Greetings to all. Haven’t found any similar questions to this one, so i gave it a shot. It would help tremendously in my understanding of the mind and its limits, so if you have any knowledge in the field please feel free to share, as much as can be shared.
So hypnosis works by repeating some phrases over and over, while being in a trance state. Are these some specially powerful sentences which bring you to this state and shift you between levels of (un)consciousness or is the method itself the key of succes ?

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Answer by gldjns
Hypnosis is merely a trance-like state, induced by the power of suggestion. Hypnosis is not just an act on a stage, where the hypnotist intones, “You are getting sleepy, very sleepy….” It’s also employed in the field of psychiatry, to try and unearth deep-seated emotional responses to treat mental disorders. Self-hypnosis is also possible. Some subjects are easily hypnotized, whereas others are not. It mostly depends on one’s ability to concentrate, and his or her ability to respond to suggestion. It is said you will never do anything under hypnosis than you wouldn’t ordinarily do, like kill someone or walk nude down the street. It’s a fascinating subject, that has been surrounded in mystery for many years.

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  1. Tom R says:

    to start with you are sitting there with your eyes closed and a person giving you suggestions/instructions. It can be totally boring. If you can following the suggestions you may notice certain changes that happen to your senses and body. they can be very subtle or fairly plain but never pronounced until you have been in trance a few times. at that point it can be profound enough to feel like you are sliding down a slide or something similar.still later the sensation can feel like being in free fall ,except you know that you can not be hurt. At this point the deepening process begins this is usually a combination of suggestions to go deeper and stories that consists of events that are moving down (walking down a flight of stairs). Tests are started at this point to determine how deep the person has gone. these are done by referring to any one of several scales and instructions that are only followed at a specific level or deeper. when the proper level has been reached the suggestions for the wanted results are given. and repeated a few times .
    the person can now be brought up slowly to full waking consciousness with or with out a suggestion that the person not remember the suggestions.
    this is a simplified discription and after a few trips into trance it takes only seconds to arrive where you need to be in some cases the time of a hand shake……..and deeper.

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