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Q&A: What is conversational Hypnosis?

January 7, 2014 by relax  
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Question by D J: What is conversational Hypnosis?
Also tell me about a website that tells in detail about conversational hypnosis and how can it be perfromed.

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Answer by C
The art of suggestive conversation! LOL…
truly… this is not secret it happens all the time.Its not really hypnosis… it is just the art of holding peoples attention and being engaging enough for them to take suggestion…or direct you to answers you seek/desire.
The counterpoint would be boring them to death, making them agitated and/or putting them to sleep.
In some instances if done in a ego maniacal way, it can actually be seen as manipulation.
google it, there are tons of ’self help’ products out there showing you how to do this…not that you need one at all….its really no dif than being a sales person. LOLor a walking commercial.
people do it all the time with out knowing that they are… and people lay subject to it all the time with out realizing. you want to see hypnotic converstaion in action… go play “guess my weight game” at a carnival. see if the guy can trick you into hinting him the answer, if not his hypnotic conversations techniques are not so good.LOL

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2 Responses to “Q&A: What is conversational Hypnosis?”
  1. Paolo R says:

    I’ve recently found a great ebook about it!
    I find so amazing and interesting!
    You should check it out, it’s worth it!!
    Here’s the link:


  2. healingmindn says:

    You know that guy, Milton Erickson? He was a hypnotherapist who put the “Milton Method” on the map. Please look him up. The Milton Method includes conversational hypnosis. In essence, Dr. Erickson would flood the senses of his patients to the point wherein he could communicate directly withe the subconscious; it’s very similar to the sensationalism presented to us at the local movie theatres, especially when it’s in 3D.

    The concept is very simple, but it requires tactfulness, much like a magician. For example, imagine fresh, home made chicken soup. Imagine a bowl of a fresh, hot bowl of chicken soup right there in front of you and it’s just steaming hot with all your favorite fixings like noodles, a few veggies, and big hunks of chicken meat; it’s spiced just right, so it has a kind of yellow tinge.

    Now, some people prefer a bit of lemon juice in their chicken. Follow me. They just like it. Imagine picking up a fresh lemon, cutting it in half with your favorite blade, then squeeze a bit of juice into your soup. Notice how it drips ever so slowly into your bowl, how the steam from that piping hot soup seems to interact with each drop of lemon juice. The smell of lemons and chicken soup wafts into your nostrils as it is enhanced by the steam and spices. Just then, you feel this incredible urge to taste it.

    Erickson was also the best at using dream symbols.

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