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Q&A: What is the best moveset for my pokemon team?

July 11, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Amelia: What is the best moveset for my pokemon team?
Hey, please help me improve my team!!!
Also, if u dont mind, could u please also tell me what items my pokemon should hold? Thank you!
These are the movesets my team already has:

Take down

Ice beam
Focus punch

Fire blast
Iron tail

Dream eater

Draco meteor

Steel wing

Best answer:

Answer by Drake
This is good collection

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One Response to “Q&A: What is the best moveset for my pokemon team?”
  1. Braxton says:

    Good variety here.

    Tauros-His attack is much better than his special attack so blizzard really doesn’t become very powerful due to that. Also thrash and take down are pretty redundant because they’re both normal type attacks that have some sort of backlash. I would suggest a move like Zen Headbutt to take down fighting types which are super effective on Tauros. Or Rock Slide is always a good option because it’s physical attack, is super effective against numerous types and hurts both enemies in a double battle. I would suggest holding a muscle band which increases the strength of physical attacks.

    Blastoise-If you’re just going for straight attack power then this is a good move-set. If you wanted to try to get tactical and fancy I would suggest taking advantage of his high Defense. But assuming you don’t, Focus Punch is a ballsy move personally I don’t like it unless you taught him Substitute first in which he would be safe for a turn to use it. For an item I’d suggest Leftover’s because his defense is high enough he could survive a long time while regenerating health.

    Arcanine-Bite’s not very strong, maybe you could take him to a move tutor to learn Crunch? Thunderfang’s good against water types. Iron tail is good against Rock so looks like you have a couple of his weaknesses covered. Fire Blast is obviously strong, I prefer flamethrower because it’s much more accurate and still 95 power but that’s up to you. Also I love the move Extremespeed so maybe replace Bite with that if you can? Extremespeed is 80 power and attacks first. As an item maybe a Focus Sash? I know his Defenses are good but a Focus Sash prevents your pokemon from being KO’d in one hit so you’d be able to Extremespeed one more time before you actually got KO’d.Or a standard item like a Lax Aroma that lowers the enemy’s accuracy is good.

    Hypno-Confusion and Psychic are really redundant to both have. Psychic is essentially a stronger confusion. Maybe replace confusion with shadow ball to take down Ghost types? Or maybe a move like brick break to take down Dark types? But Other than confusion that’s a pretty good moveset. Item I would suggest Wide Lens which increases accuracy because missing with Hypnosis gets really annoying.

    Dragonite-Instead of Draco Meteor I prefer Outrage or Dragon Claw because his physical attack is better. But obviously it’s a strong move. Fly is good. Surf’s always a strong move so I won’t knock it. I would suggest Fire Punch or even Rock Slide for his last move because Ice type wrecks him so you’d be able to take it down. Item I’d suggest Yache berry; it cuts an Ice type attack in half.

    Pigeot-Steel wing’s a great move. Fly’s good. I like Roost too. I don’t like Pluck because it’s another physical flying type move just like fly. Or if you like pluck you could keep that and maybe ditch fly. Since he is also Normal type I would suggest a move like Return. Or Mirror-Move can be really effective especially against Dragon type. Item, if he knows two Flying type attacks I would suggest a Sky Plate, as it increases the power of Flying type attacks. Otherwise I always like Leftovers, Sitrus Berries, Lum Berries.

    Hope this helps! I like the team!

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