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Q&A: Why do I get a headache sometimes when I do self-hypnosis?

November 23, 2011 by relax  
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Question by graciedai: Why do I get a headache sometimes when I do self-hypnosis?
This is a serious question to those who have experience with hypnosis. I think it might be because I come out of it “too quickly”. I like to listen to these “daytime” affirmation audios after listening to some audios with binaural beats that help me relax. I think the problem might be the lack of “suggestions” or audio to slowly get me back up to alpha state. Thoughts?

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Answer by Jacko
Perhaps some electicial neurones acting , mabye your causing too much pressure on your brain putting yourself in andout of this state. I suggest you dont do this alot, only when necessary, or when experiment. To get back to the alpha state, start by slightly being aware of the state you are in,being aware is the key, you can then gradually move up slightly until you are at the normal comfort state again, just be aware of your state. Feel the awareness and decide to do it slowly, not quickly pulling out.
Practice makes perfect.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Why do I get a headache sometimes when I do self-hypnosis?”
  1. Tom R says:

    You are correct.coming up too fast can produce a headache very often
    about 70%of the time.there should three to five steps,more is better. to get rid of the discomfort,go back in to trance, and visualize the discomfort as a hot red ball inside your head,Pack the ball until it is very small and let it pass out and drift away.come up slowly and you should be done with it.

  2. SadharaSatguru says:

    Hello Gracie

    Headaches during meditation or hypnosis come from either relaxation & the fighting of it or from not being able to let go, so I suppose one & the same.


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