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Rapid Induction Hypnosis – Hypnosis Mentor

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Hypnotic induction can be done in several ways. But one popular method of hypnosis is the rapid induction hypnosis. The rapid hypnosis induction is a fun and gentle way to induce a hypnotic trance in three to five minutes. This is perfect for the subject experiencing hypnosis for the first time as it allows the subject to experience him or her self entering hypnosis at a slower pace than the instant hypnosis induction.

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Three classes of hypnotic induction procedures are incorporated in this technique, namely eye fixation, relaxation, and confusion. If you want to perform this technique, you have to deliver a scrip such as this one:  “Be calm, quiet, and comfortable. Concentrate on my voice… Keep your eyes open… Mentally inspect your body. Let all the tension and tightness in the body be released… Now, your eyes are becoming very light…” You will realize that this script alone utilizes two elements, which are eye fixation and relaxation.

In order to deepen your subject’s state of trance, you can give further instructions such as: “Now I shall count five to one. Whatever I say, let it happen naturally and spontaneously… With every breath, you are going deeper and deeper into sleep.”

Other than simply following the script mentioned above, you can also use another technique called handshake induction. This technique, also called the handshake interrupt, was first developed by master hypnotist Milton Erickson. This induction technique depends greatly on the automatic mirroring that people do towards each other in the name of courtesy and politeness. This technique works by interrupting the pattern of shaking someone’s hand in order to create the brief moment of confusion necessary to put someone into a state of trance.

Rapid induction hypnosis is quickly becoming the new standard in the successful hypnosis practice. Learn hypnosis now!

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