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Recalling hypnosis experiences?

May 19, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Just Thinking: Recalling hypnosis experiences?
My girlfriend went on stage at a hypnotism show, but she does not recall the experience (I think she was instructed not to). However, she bought some hypnosis cd’s and seems to go under fairly easy, and recalls some of the events that take place when she is hypnotized by the cd. My question is mostly for her. Since she can be hypnotized, would it be possible to use hypnosis to do something purely fun (such as visiting the pyramids in egypt) and have her fully recall the experience. I understand the basics of how to go about the induction and the suggestion of visiting the pyramids, but how do I make sure she recalls the experience – or is it even possible?

Thank you in advance to all who answer.

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Answer by Brandon G
hypnosis is not my forte but I believe it is possible

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One Response to “Recalling hypnosis experiences?”
  1. billy says:

    Yes you could instruct her specifically to recall the experience. Many people normally forget parts of there trance and if the hypnotist suggests they forget they are even more likely. But you can remember experiences created by hypnosis.

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