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Self-Hypnosis Experience – relax and get hypnotized!

April 10, 2010 by relax  
Filed under Videos Richard K. Nongard, LMFT demo. Learn how to hypnotize anyone! We offer a$39 DVD “How to Hypnotize Anyone”. Self-hypnosis resources, and more. 1-800-86HYPNO

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25 Responses to “Self-Hypnosis Experience – relax and get hypnotized!”
  1. EvilFudd says:


  2. tizzletaz says:

    really good video
    made me really relaxed

  3. CLyane says:

    wow, that felt really good!! ugh i wish i could have just sat there longer! totally doing this each day!!

  4. colmonhs says:

    @robotpanda77 YOU STAY AWAY FROM YOU!

  5. colmonhs says:

    i was hypnotized…
    and i liked it…

  6. miroslavgarnaga1 says:

    very relaxing indeed=) hope to find more videos like this one

  7. missjulianneYO says:

    mmmm that was freaking amazing! :)

  8. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @XmizzlozX We ship to the UK almost every day. Visit my website to order DVDs

  9. XmizzlozX says:

    really good video
    thanks for uploading
    i wish i could buy the dvd but i can’t seem to find it, maybe because i live in the UK?
    thanks :) x

  10. MigelMeUp says:

    that was amazing D: i wish i had money to get those dvds :’(

  11. lactitsa says:

    Thank you, I have to admit that I didnt believe that this video would help me when I started watching it, but I now feel so relaxed and calm. My main problem has always been that I just cant shut my brain off and relax, I just want to think of nothing for even 5 minutes I dont care. Stress is killing me!

  12. 1pcGAMER4ever1 says:

    @ClinicalHypnosis What?!

  13. schlockFX says:

    this guy sounds like zoidberg from futerama!

  14. LOreveals2U says:

    ?Why do you say Im gonna count from 1 to 3 and you actually did count 1-2-1? Why did you not say 3 like you said you were going to?

  15. robotpanda77 says:

    What if while I am under, I rape my defenseless self?

  16. dannyoh says:

    wow that was amazing experience

  17. Coop9900 says:

    Great, thank you.

  18. XANDERXXZ says:

    i took my hypnosis to the bedroom, ALONG WITH YOUR MOTHER!!! OHHHHHHH!

    And yes this video is very good too.

  19. IMnotGarbage says:

    so glad the retard counted 1-2-1

  20. Spartano3 says:

    loved the video

  21. barascr says:

    That’s great! I feel relaxed :) Now I know that suggestions work.

  22. MrDoctorTomas says:

    I accidentally pressed the button “Dislike”, so, sorry, I didn’t want to. But it was really extraordinary and I felt very relaxed. Thank you.

  23. camoman10 says:

    good for learning the art of hypnosis and sleep :)

  24. MarvinCruzTV says:

    wow this was really relaxing :]

  25. flynxfan404 says:

    he really hypnotized me and i thought i count be hypnoyized

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