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Self-Hypnosis is a Tool That Everyone Can Greatly Benefit From!

March 20, 2011 by relax  
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Nearly every problem that anyone has is mental.  There are a few exceptions, like stepping on a bear trap, which is an obvious physical problem that has a physical solution, but the vast majority of problems have a psychological root.  Through the law of attraction, our dominant thought patterns keep bringing us experiences that match these thought patterns.  If you look objectively at your life, you will see that even “random” problems are not random at all, they are patterns playing out over and over again.

Fortunately, self-hypnosis is the ideal tool to solve nearly any psychological problem. There are two reasons for this that you need to be aware of.  First, most people are constantly in a state of stress.   You cannot discover solutions to your problems if you are always in the same mental state that caused the problems in the first place.  You must relax, calm down, and shift into healthy brainwave patterns that promote healing, recuperation, clarity, insight, and higher states of consciousness. Self-hypnosis recordings accomplish this very thing for you.

Secondly, negative thought patterns are the root cause of your problems.  Because these thought patterns have become habits, the patterns are not easy to break.  You simply must reprogram your brain to root out negative messages, and replace them with positive messages.  Self-hypnosis recordings will introduce new positive messages while you are deeply relaxed, so the subconscious mind can absorb them and adopt them.  The new positive messages will start dominating your behavior, and you will start moving in a new positive direction towards solutions to all of your problems.

If you have never tried self-hypnosis, you are in for a treat!  Listening to self hypnosis recordings are not only relaxing, but they are fun, and they leave you feeling great.  The Unexplainable Store has create a non-specific self-hypnosis recording that helps you get into a very relaxed state, the state you need to be in so that you have breakthrough moments of clarity and insight.  You will be able to envision and actually feel yourself as “problem-free” and it is an extremely liberating and refreshing feeling.

The more you listen, the more that this new mode will become dominant in you, and the law of attraction will bring you more experiences like it, until living an upbeat, positive life without major challenges is expected and normal for you.

The general self-hypnosis recording from The Unexplainable Store uses binaural beat technology, and that is why they are so relaxing and so effective. Binaural beats are commonly used to induce relaxed states so that self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy can take place with much greater effectiveness.  With binaural beats, it is much easier to “reprogram” our thinking, or to adopt positive mental suggestions during very relaxed states.  The more relaxed, the better!

Binaural Beats are a scientific breakthrough that you can use to improve your life drastically when used in conjunction with self-hypnosis recordings.

Click here to investigate the benefits of their “non-specific” self-hypnosis recording to improve your life.  You can listen it to it by itself, or combine this MP3 with other recordings created to solve specific problems.  Check it out now – you will be amazed at how fun and easy it is, and how much better you will feel after listening to this recording!

Sign up for the full MP3 downloadable version here: www.malahypnotherapy.com (Please rate and subscribe) Use Self Hypnosis (Guided Meditation) to tune into the beat your own inner wisdom. Doing so enables you to more peacefully and congruently walk your own path to the betterment of yourself and all those with whom you walk. This self hypnosis guided meditation will help you BE YOU. Take ten minutes out for yourself to find out how this self hypnosis segment of a session may work for you. Namaste. www.malahypnotherapy.com

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