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Self Hypnosis tutorial for centering power

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Self-hypnosis technique

Self-hypnosis technique is the ability to hypnotize oneself. This is a invaluable tool for anyone to possess but few in reality are the masters in this technique. In our school (ISI-CNV of dr. Paret) we have developed many new methods for doing in very simple ways. In part this is derived from our studies on instant gaze hypnosis (the same that applied the 1800 hypnotist Donato and Prof. Di Pisa to fascinate people without even speaking). What you will find here is not the mainstream system. Yet is very powerful. Who possesses the powerful knowledge of self-hypnosis will face and win any stressful situations. Person having skill in self-hypnosis technique is also well equipped for self-discovery and creative insights and entering in better communication with his unconscious mind.

The practice and use of self-hypnosis dates back from the egyptians and the greeks. We delve in this depth to create our new powerful hypnotic method for putting new ideas in our subconscious. But what is self hypnosis?
An hypnotized subject is in a peculiar trance. Scientists have found that a hypnotized person’s brain waves actually resemble patterns of deep relaxation. They are in a state of intense, concentrated
focus with little or no regard to any external stimulation. This relaxation state allows the mind not only to successfully concentrate on positive suggestions made to it but also to find new creative neuronal pathways. The mind is open. But in reality, through the use of some simple tools that we will describe it is not necessary to go to a deep trance to achieve the most powerful and incredible results. Because in reality what is needed is not a deep trance, it is a specific trance.

How can a person practice a basic self hypnosis?
There are a variety of postures conducive to hypnosis, though the beginner are advised to sit in a symmetrical position in a straight back chair, taking special note to maintain a straight elongated spine. After taking seat in the correct posture, take several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Stare a light (max 75 watt a common light bulb is ok) at about 5 feet of distance and mentally repeat relax. This is a powerful hint that I give you here, and it is based on our researches and thousands of experiments. The white light activates the visual cortex at its maximum peak. The mind will therefore be ready to enter in a new state when you close your eyes. And, after 30 seconds that you perform this exercise, close your eyes. At this point, if you need physical relaxation, as you breath out mentally you can repeat a simple phrase like, I am feeling relaxed, my body is limp and continue this cycle of breathing and speaking for several seconds, until you are comfortable, warm and relaxed. But what it is important if you want real power in your mind is that you look at the remaining light image under your closed eyes and observe the many patterns arising. Tune yourself to your body.
This self-hypnosis technique will make your body completely limp and relaxed and your mind empty. Your brainwaves will change. At this point you will notice that the light trace remaining under your eyes will become black. This is the sign of the deepest state. You may begin to let yourself visualize in this black. You could think of the face of a loved one, the picture of a particular object, or what you want to achieve or even see some solutions to a subject that has been troubling you. Try to see it in your mind’s eye. See the colour, dimensions, and features of your idea. This process could last even for three to ten minutes, and upon completion you will remember a lot of the images, but not all, and the order in which they followed. At this point open your eyes, tell your body to come out from the trance.
If your goal is that this process continues by itself, do something else and don’t think anymore to what have done.
Otherwise, for personal growth, proceed to reflect upon the pictures that you saw. There is always an underlying theme to the images, and a conscious examining of them will yield an insight into your true feelings concerning a particular subject. With this newly discovered insight, you may come to terms with an issue or transform it into a work of art, be it poetry, prose, sculpture, or painting. The relaxing sensation that you feel should
carry with you for the rest of the day, a sense that comes from sub-conscious revelation.

Another powerful way of doing self hypnosis in a symbolic yet powerful way is on our video at and other ways are exposed on our site where you can find also a free course .

Proper self-hypnosis technique is a safe and effective way for good positive changes in your life. You may prefer learning and doing self-hypnosis over working with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

ThisĀ self-hypnosis technique if used properly has amazing power to help you succeed in stop smoking, losing weight, and to break any number of bad habits. Self-hypnosis can boost also self-confidence and self esteem. The right use of positive affirmations reinforces your mind. Note: When you quit smoking through self hypnosis it is you who have to do that by yourself and many time using self hypnosis you will find yourself doing it spontaneously.
Begin practice now and I will be happy to give you further hints: just write me at

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