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Self Hypnosis Weight Loss

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Hypnosis has been a method that has been used for a long time to lose weight successfully. Many weight watchers have tried a number of weight loss products, but the method of using the power of your mind has been, and still is the choice of a growing number of people as an easy way to lose weight.

It’s been known for self-hypnosis or hypnosis in general, to be met by scepticism, often because of what is seen from the “showbiz” side of it. Taking away all the showbiz razzmatazz, self hypnosis is a simple method that works by taking in positive suggestions while in a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state, thus communicating with the subconscious mind. Learning how to go into a deeply relaxed state is the key, and also to learn how to structure the auto-suggestions or affirmations properly. Learning the progressive muscle relaxation technique is where self-hypnosis starts. The technique involves relaxing different parts of the body i.e. shoulders to arms, arms to finger tips and so on, until a heavy and warming feeling is felt in the body.

Visualization is used to get into an even deeper relaxed state. You need to visualize a perfect, safe place where you can deeply relax, while engaging all your senses. This can be achieved by using guided imagery audio, such as a self-hypnosis CD or you can write your own script and visualize the details before you start your relaxation process, but as you can imagine the playing of a CD while you lay down relaxing would be the easiest of the two.

If you visualize a beautiful beach, make sure for example you can hear the waves, smell the fresh sea air and feel the cool breeze against your face as you watch sea gulls flying playfully in the air. All of these elements will aid you into a deep relaxed state of hypnosis where you will be highly perceptive to positive self-suggestions or affirmations.

Still engaging all your senses, you then need to repeat those positive affirmations in your mind, while still visualizing your chosen “special” place. This is again where a hypnosis CD has an advantage over the choice of visualizing a script, as the hypnosis CD would be repeating the suggestions while you relax and follow.

The last step is to slowly come back out of your hypnotic state. It is important to regress back out slowly to prevent a sleepy feeling afterwards. The best way is to start moving slowly, then count to 10, and then opening your eyes clap your hands to help you to come back into the present. Again, as you can see, this is where a self hypnosis CD would be of a greater advantage, being that it will have the progressive steps to bring you out of your hypnotic state.

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