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Short Hypnosis Session

April 18, 2010 by relax  
Filed under Videos Hypnosis Session with Victoria Gallagher of Victoria gently guides you through a breathing and relaxation process. You will watch Victoria on screen, or you may close your eyes throughout the session. You will come back refreshed and ready to go about your day … or you may also decide to go right to sleep after watching. Enjoy!

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25 Responses to “Short Hypnosis Session”
  1. createmate says:

    WOW! What a deep relaxation I enjoyed. Pure Gold. Thanks Victoria x

  2. susakubird says:

    first time a hypnosis video has ever worked for me :) thanks!

  3. Lacrossey18 says:

    Then how did u type that?

  4. milliexxxxxxx says:

    holy crap i can’t move! lol oooooo this is weird but good!

  5. onatbora says:

    I don’t know why exactly, but I cried twice during this video, although I don’t have a major pain, sadness or vice versa right now…

  6. vivianjalique says:

    wow i never thought hypnosis would work on me…but this actually did!!! i became so relaxed yet so focused onwhat she was saying and everthing around me sortf tuned out and was all dark everything except this video! this really worked!!!! =D

  7. funtime1999 says:

    this works really good but i dont think id callthis short.

  8. reddevil230292 says:

    this is great thank you

  9. frowningcat says:

    of the many hypnosis videos i’ve checked out on youtube, i have to say yours is by far the best. it’s such a pleasant experience, thank you so much for this!

  10. semacpestaloci says:

    if u call this short

  11. vailnz69 says:

    omg it felt so good when it finshed i felt so relaxed and i didint want to move my musles were so relaxed and i couldint lift my head for a short while but that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  12. you777777777777 says:

    @speedemon103 lol

    plus u need some xtra to hold u bk from being a demon at speed. tylenol chips in good,lol but try simple melatonin :-)

  13. kbob4000 says:

    That was wierd and cool. After waching this, I couldn’t move for a while.

  14. anvilofcrom says:

    Yeah, it only works for me if a woman does it.

  15. linkster9 says:

    the pm does that on its own hehe :)

  16. Deanocfc says:

    I like Richard Nongard but a gentle, woman’s voice seems to work best for me. I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed.

  17. speedemon103 says:

    This actually works!!! I use this to go to sleep,

    This mixed with 2 tylenol PM will put u slam OUT!!! Haha

  18. HookahFaerie says:

    I feel trippy…

  19. jigme911 says:

    felt much better so easy and so natural lol

  20. kuikkonen says:

    Victoria, you really are a professional! This induction made me so relaxed, thank you!

  21. Cavaliersin07 says:

    My vision got cloudy and what I was looking at went in little circles

  22. actinggurl1995 says:

    Awesome, one of the best. I really felt like I was drifting, felt like I was sleeping. When I stopped I couldn’t move my arms or legs for several minutes, almost as if I was disconnected from my body. I loved loved it. Favorite? I think yes :) . Thanks so much fir making me feel so relaxed (:.

  23. heli121212 says:

    there was alot of noise then i couldent hear anything exept the person speaking. i went into a really deap trance. when i woke up i was so dizzy

  24. Sleepytimemalin says:

    This totaly worked iwas so relaxed. no more stress. i also fell asleep easier then i usally do.

  25. chesterngiamzhenghao says:

    lol my mother was like why is there a lady in the screen to tell you to breathe lol

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