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Sick of thinking about her i need hypnosis?

April 24, 2013 by relax  
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Question by veryconfused: Sick of thinking about her i need hypnosis?
i need hypnosis to get over a girl who broke my sick of waiting for the time ill be completely over her..and now that its the holidays it just makes stuff worse for me..any advice?

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Answer by Leila
Have you tried going out with other people? Try going to a club or just hang out with the boys. Try getting a hobby to take your mind off of her. Theres really only one cure and its time which your totally sick of but *shrugs*.

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4 Responses to “Sick of thinking about her i need hypnosis?”
  1. nye_r says:

    Meet someone else.

  2. jung p says:

    Well, you don’t NEED hypnosis, only go to that when you’re going crazy. You should hang out with other guys and mabye take counseling. The best solution to this (from my slightly similar [SLIGHTLY] experience) is to hold on to that…love I should say until you convince yourself that it’s impossible. Still hold on to that without hope if you want. So, what I’m trying to say is try and get your thoughts off her and time will heal your wounds. I don’t think you’re qquite ready for another relationship yet.

  3. energeticthinker says:

    hypnosis only works if you are weak minded.

    Try therapy, or regular & intense physical exercise.

  4. Dylan says:

    I’m sorry to hear that man. I had two breakups where I fell hard. You keep looking for answers, and people don’t always say what you might want/be looking to hear. Hypnosis is drastic/an illusionary exit window. You need to be strong enough to try and tough through it on your own. Otherwise, the same thing might happen next time. Relationships are learning experiences. The best advice really is the most common/simplest. It’s not going to be easy to force yourself to move on, and the pain sucks in the mean-time. The best thing really is keeping yourself busy. Anything where you can withdraw/keep your mind off her. And it’s hard, but you can’t be friends right away because you’ll be kidding yourself/really wanting more. Don’t sit around sulking/feeling sorry for yourself. As painful as it is, you have to cut off contact with her, it’s the only way to speed up the process. Don’t keep reminders of her around. You’ve got to look at the big picture and realize that won’t do any good.

    Increase your physical activity. Working out can get your mind off, it can be an outlet for aggression/anger over the breakup. And working out will raise the endorphins and other hormones that will make you happier, while reducing your stress hormones (can’t dispute the science). Also, if you workout a lot more, you’ll feel better about yourself/be more attractive to other people. You’ve taken a big blow to your self-image in being dumped, and sure, sympathy feels nice. But If you go around painting a sad picture for yourself/looking insecure, your company will be less desirable.

    Everyone’s thinks differently and I hope you cope well with time. Just have to look forward/make goals for later. Put yourself out there, nothing wrong with rebound girls/hookups. Just make sure you realize what you’re getting into/doing it just for that. It’s too early for another relationship. And you wouldn’t want to deprive a great girl of that. Save those potentials for later down the road. You need to feel good about yourself before you go into a relationship that can be healthy/sustainable.

    So basically- Keep yourself busy, work out/lift weights/exercise, see your close friends as often as you can, cut off all contact with her, and it’s not too soon for rebound girls/hookups.

    I hope my advice was good enough for you and I hope you feel better. Good luck with everything.

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