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Television advertising is not the same as hypnosis?

September 14, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Television advertising is not the same as hypnosis?
I have a debate in class and the topic is “Hypnosis is the same as television advertising” but i’m against that (just my luck). But yea, i have to come up with points about why tv advertising is not the same as hypnosis. Ive tried to look in the internet everywhere, but all it says it how tv ads use hypnosis. Any help would be appreciated : )

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Answer by TobyF
Interesting topic. First of all what is hypnosis? Definitions of hypnosis are not clear cut, and there is much debate even between hypnotists. I think the burden of definition falls a lot on your opponent, as presumably he / she is opening the debate. This will give you an opportunity to take apart their definition. If they don’t offer one, then are they saying “it’s whatever I want it to be”? In which case that is not a valid form of debate as I can say that the word rumplesticks is just the same as TV advertising. I’d say hypnosis is a process that allows greater access to the unconscious mind, bypassing critical reasoning.

So how does hypnosis happen? The hypnotist talks to the person getting them to focus on particular ideas and concepts and guides the person into hypnosis. This would take at least ten minutes, and most likely longer. What happens next depends on the purpose of the hypnosis, but the closest to advertising is the giving of positive suggestions to be acted on later.

Advertising slots tend to be rather short. Two minutes is a very long TV ad. So there is no hope of doing a proper hypnotic induction. The preceding program might induce intense concentration and a light trance, but it is easily broken. Electricity companies need to know when advertising slots are on because many people go to the kitchen and put the kettle on producing a surge in demand. So it would not appear that large numbers of people are in trance / hypnosis.

So what is similar? Adverts aim to create a positive association between something desired by viewers (security, romance, power, money) and the product or service. Yes the unconscious mind will pick up on these and make associations, but that is part of its purpose. It is a normal day to day function with great survival value to associate things with danger or pleasure. So a lot of advertisers make someone fear something, then offer their product as the fix. And yes the unconscious mind might give the conscious a little nudge if it spots the product, but this is a normal function, not hypnosis.

Yes TV advertising uses suggestion and hypnosis uses suggestion, but that doesn’t make the two the same. An electric kettle uses electricity and a computer uses electricity, but you wouldn’t make a hot drink with a computer.

Hope this has given you some ideas.

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