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The Banned Self Hypnosis Video

November 20, 2010 by relax  
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Yes, this is the infamous self hypnosis video that got banned. You may not believe it after watching it, but this video was actually banned because it was said to contain inappropriate content. Enjoy it now because you never know when it may get banned again. If you take a few moments to concentrate on this self hypnosis video, and you’ll experience a pleasant level of trance. All you need to do is relax and watch the screen. If at any point you want to close your eyes to go deeper, do it. If you’d like to learn more about hypnosis and get a free full self hypnosis mp3, visit PS The website appears in the video a few times only as a watermark for copyright protection, it is not a subliminal ad. Hypnosis Session with Victoria Gallagher of Victoria gently guides you through a breathing and relaxation process. You will watch Victoria on screen, or you may close your eyes throughout the session. You will come back refreshed and ready to go about your day … or you may also decide to go right to sleep after watching. Enjoy!

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50 Responses to “The Banned Self Hypnosis Video”
  1. AlphabetConjunction says:

    is their a vedio that DOSENT TELL U 2 RELAX

  2. mysteriaist says:

    it felt like a deep sleep while wide awake

  3. Klous253 says:

    Whoa it actually worked to make me relax

  4. DaLiam6149 says:

    omg i thought that was going on 4ever and i started leaning forward

  5. laragh58 says:

    it made my eyes water and my mouth drool :O

  6. klintmane says:

    @unfuwain You shouldnt have.I did it the first time and the second time went through the whole video.When the videos over you feel like you just awoke from your sleep

  7. loyalqueen says:

    wow this worked, pretty relaxing

  8. GrowTheTruth says:

    Why would this be banned? It was talking about loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to live in a positive way!

  9. princesspop12356789 says:

    this work wonders no matter what other thing its amazing

  10. stikitape214 says:

    lol haahahahah i had to stop when he started to speak slower and his voice started echoing and he’s like ‘its beginning to get slooooooower, slower,ower,er’
    well no shit sherlock . . .

  11. stikitape214 says:

    i used to be the same
    but i just kept trying and now i just relax after a couple of minutes

  12. SpunkyFr3akster says:

    Wow, why do drugs when this feels like ur on them…but don’t get thrown in jail or get judged lol

  13. Crazyman1569 says:

    why the hell would that be banned

  14. himgerardo says:

    Wow this actually works

  15. jasonfox777 says:

    my eyes turned white

  16. youtub4311 says:

    I was zoned out the whole brain feels weird too..and all i did was breathe..i think i drooled a bit..

  17. swirled101 says:

    The trick of telling people to focus on their breathing never works on me. Trying to focus on my breathing just makes it impossible to breathe, and then I panic. Lol.

  18. unfuwain says:

    To be honest. I just got bored and stopped the video.

  19. dagrome says:

    It’s not banned. The whole idea of it being banned is just a gimmick for you to be curious enough and go check out the site. The site wants you to subscribe and probably pay for a full version of this trance video.

  20. Guuziec says:

    If its banned why is it here?

  21. wakeboarder777 says:

    To all… This WORKS. You must be completly relaxed.. not a thing on your mind.. and something that helps with that is an a plant with leaves… Thats what i “heard”.. but anywho, this is remarkably insane if you can get it to work.. i was in a deep state of euophoria and i felt like i knew what was going on around me, but i was in a dream listening to this guy. he made the most amazing childhood memories come back to me. and excite me…. It works… it depends on how much you want it..

  22. elisemermaidmagic says:

    my eyes are tearing…i didnt relax maybe cuz i couldnt stop laughing

  23. tuackanxu says:

    Daw, that didn’t seem like 5 minutes. Wait, Freudian slip?
    I was very relaxed, but didn’t have any of the imagery, or memories, or anything. Pretty well done, though.

  24. bejoe95 says:

    thumbs up if you want to see a HQ remake of this

  25. Acrodents says:

    i can barley type right now. crap……

  26. Siagos says:

    it worked! I’m tingling

  27. Novadude21 says:

    Wow. This was the most incredibly relaxing video I’ve relaxed to. Thanks :)

  28. alexleadbetter says:

    very relaxing,
    thank you for sharing this with us

  29. hyptalk says:

    @Mcfannie No, this is not on any of my CD’s or MP3’s. I created this Video just for YouTube … I may at some point create a compilation DVD of all my YouTube stuff like this, but haven’t as of yet.

  30. Mcfannie says:

    Victoria, is this on one of your Sessions? I love it and appreciate you having shared it with us. I have your CD’s on Stress,Deeper Sleep, Optimum Healing,Perfect Health. and Lower Blood Pressure. This session is so relaxing and I haven’t heard it prior to now.

  31. Jenn58116 says:

    Victoria – Thank you so much for this video. It actually really helped me when my husband was deployed and I would stress out and miss him. I’ve used this video to relax for nearly a year. I LOVE IT!

  32. ratcococo says:

    my body is tingling

  33. omega0678 says:

    I find it extremely interesting how nine and a half minutes of this is just like a full night’s sleep in terms of relaxation…

  34. TheLacavera says:

    ur voice is very very nice and i was able to get into the trance .lol
    u are also very beautiful it put my mind to rest thank u and godbless

  35. WestVirginiaGOP says:

    44 people’s arms went limp and their hands hit the dislike button by accident! Great video. Works every time

  36. hyptalk says:

    @lovelifegodglory Ha! Funny that is the 2nd time I have had someone tell me I look like her. My husband doesn’t think so.

  37. lovelifegodglory says:

    without the sound on, this strangely resembles Christine o donnell’s ‘I’m not a witch” ad

  38. y2taner says:

    when i think about breathing it’s harder to breath

  39. lulu123456789012345 says:

    i didn’t fall asleep but thats not the point i fell relaxed to the limit and absolutely limp

  40. Lifeisverybeautifull says:

    This session works perfectly with the money hypnosis when you do them together.
    Made me feel wonderful

  41. CharlieConnieTV says:

    @adoomator hahaha! it does sound like she is going to say that, doesnt it?! hahaha!

  42. adoomator says:

    I am tired so I almost fell asleep at the begining of the video. Just before I watched the video I had a burrito. So at 0:28 I thought she was going to say “…be aware of your burrito.

  43. Davidclarkbosteder says:

    Great video ^^. 10/10! Maybe you could throw in binaural frequencies to enhance the influence of the hypnotic suggestions. Anywho,
    Bravo Victoria! It was absolutely stunning.

  44. Davidclarkbosteder says:

    Great video ^^ I can’t thank you enough Victoria. 10/10! Maybe you could throw in binaural frequencies to enhance the influence of the hypnotic suggestions.
    And lol @ hologram7777777:
    There’s a bit of truth in the sense that your tone and inflection is similar to that of talking dirty xD. Then again, it enhances it’s influence and effectiveness I suppose.
    Simply stunning though. I hope I speak for the rest of the viewers here as well when I say that this was impressive and very well done. Brav

  45. jdurnal says:

    all i can focus on is your sexyness

  46. TheLazarman211 says:

    this isnt hypnosis this just bored me to sleep

  47. Entreri1887 says:

    @hologram7777777 LOL!

  48. hologram7777777 says:

    Hi Victoria , just like the hypno video above , will you ever make sexual enhancement video ( NOT mp3s ).
    so we can see your face + hear your voice (especially for the “male sexual enhancement ” mp3s)
    if we could see you talking in the “dirty talk” mp3 or even “premature ejaculation cure” mp3 , then we would buy those VODs for sure.
    plus your sales would probably increase tenfold.
    but would you ever do that ? please do so: )

  49. hyptalk says:

    @ukMistressBeth my sincerest pleasure Beth. I hope to post more like this very soon.

  50. ukMistressBeth says:

    Absolutely perfect – for the quick relaxation during the day or getting back to sleep (insomniac here!!!)
    Thanks Victoria for sharing this with us.

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