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The Banned Self Hypnosis Video

April 14, 2010 by relax  
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Yes, this is the infamous self hypnosis video that got banned. You may not believe it after watching it, but this video was actually banned because it was said to contain inappropriate content. Enjoy it now because you never know when it may get banned again. If you take a few moments to concentrate on this self hypnosis video, and you’ll experience a pleasant level of trance. All you need to do is relax and watch the screen. If at any point you want to close your eyes to go deeper, do it. If you’d like to learn more about hypnosis and get a free full self hypnosis mp3, visit PS The website appears in the video a few times only as a watermark for copyright protection, it is not a subliminal ad.

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25 Responses to “The Banned Self Hypnosis Video”
  1. supermonkeyballboy says:

    After a very hectic day… this video calmed my mind and my body.

    But an off topic word… or words…

    - pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil.
    - procrastinators: unite tomorrow!!!
    - School stands for Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives

    Relax and notice yourself in a nice… soothing… trance…

  2. HackingTechSupport says:

    This NO JOKE this shiz REALLY works like i i was happy and relaxed i couldnt feel my arms my face my toes i was just relaxed.Thanks

  3. catthess says:

    i didnt feel a thing….

  4. yanikm says:

    umm, yeah…maybe i did it wrong, i didnt feel anything. I was kinda bored actually.

  5. sweettulay14 says:

    it is not working :(

  6. AnarchyJester says:

    Too bad that’s the same patterns I get from using G-Force Visualizations Pro. I believe it’s called tunnel vision.

  7. rubikscube10111 says:

    oh i feel it i feel hypnotized it it its WORKING OMG IM FEELING IT IM FLYING I FEEL THE PRESSURE OHHHHH I FEEL SO ALIVE……..wait…….false alarm it was just a fart

  8. bananapop1011 says:

    @TheRadWorldOfChad hahah well at the vids good for something i guess, cuz it didnt make me fall asleep like it said. lol

  9. bananapop1011 says:

    @KenanVideos lol thanks to this vd, i dont believe in hypnosis at all. :D

  10. TheRadWorldOfChad says:

    @bananapop1011 Aww haha, oh well it felt good realeasing that gas, thanks hypno videos. :)

  11. bananapop1011 says:

    @TheRadWorldOfChad i don’t think that counts….hahah :D

  12. TheRadWorldOfChad says:

    it made me fart, if that counts. :)

  13. TruthFamineFloater says:

    theres only one thing legit about this video and thats the frequency of the bass.

  14. corpseslayr says:

    wow…that was weird…. at about 4:47 i thought this is boring not working then i tried to sit up i could not move and couldnt stop watching for like 10 seconds rated up!

  15. 1996MissEmma says:


  16. TheHyugaClan says:

    @zacmac2 “The patience if a squirrel”, is that a……good thing? Well anyways, I actually did fall asleep to it last night, being amazingly tired, so I can’t say anything bad about it anymore. lol

  17. TheLuisfsm says:

    WTF, this work

  18. zacmac2 says:

    @TheHyugaClan No , that means you have the patience of a squirrel, i waited and went into the trance 2 times its so cool

  19. zacmac2 says:

    i was in a transe it was so cool. i didnt know anything was around me i just opened up it was amazing

  20. KenanVideos says:

    I saw a face in the black area in the middle, it was floating. It looked like Jesus

  21. KenanVideos says:

    @bananapop1011 haha yea same

  22. RACHEYsaurus says:


  23. thekicker832 says:

    i was getting into it untill the cleveland show came on

  24. XxPepper17xX says:

    haha it was working until the god damn video had to load

  25. lifeless813 says:

    It was calming in a sense, but then I got scared when I felt as if I were spiraling downward. Why is it that these hypnosis videos only succeed at making me feel uncomfortable? As if I’m about to fall off my bed or something? I’m gonna cuddle with my cat. >.>

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