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The effects of Hypnosis on a vampire

May 24, 2010 by relax  
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This is a video repsonse for Trancenotized who is doing a project at uni about hypnosis in media, she would very much like your help so if you want join and help her here is the link : hope this helps love icon smile The effects of Hypnosis on a vampire and yeah have fun.

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25 Responses to “The effects of Hypnosis on a vampire”
  1. 19linlin says:

    very beautifull girl and a very good video ;-)
    5 402 views it is incredible.. you think post another?

  2. donnellholmes says:

    U R Beautiful and should make another.

  3. XxTheCryptxX says:

    @Pacifistwarhawk do you know i have no idea lol

  4. Pacifistwarhawk says:

    What was the color change about?

  5. Mermaidromy says:

    hah :) )))

  6. Burple5Flurple says:

    @XxTheCryptxX I was talking to flintobrein, not you about the erotic hypnosis thing…so chill duuuude!:p
    Flintobrien has the videos I was mentioning.
    I would’nt try to warn people if I hadn’t seen and experienced first hand:/

  7. XxTheCryptxX says:

    @Burple5Flurple ummm i DO NOT have a video called “Erotic hypnosis” and i dont understand the talk about “Pleasure” in hypnosis it was just an expirement relax people. thank you for looking out for me but its cool……….XxTheCryptxX

  8. XxTheCryptxX says:

    @polosantamaria thank you very much :)

  9. Burple5Flurple says:

    @Fintinobrien You’re not getting pleasure from hypnosis? One of your uploads is called “Erotic hypnosis” And regardless of trancenotized being truthful about uni or not, she answers and posts eloquently enough, and is a damn sight better than people like BetterOfSingle, who are real threats to girls like this:/
    Now I could be wrong, but that seems a bit hypocritical to me :/
    Besides, if she enjoyed it, let her continue, if she didn’t, it’s completely allowed:)

  10. Fintinobrien says:

    To the girl in the video. Trancenotized is NOT doing some project for uni. She has been stalking youtube trying to get women to video themselves being hypnotized for some perverse pleasure.

    If she contacts you again ignore her.

  11. hypnojunkie08 says:

    @Burple5Flurple lol, he’d probably sue everyone if he had the chance. i think he threatened to do that during the Alice Holiday incident and I still haven’t gotten a court summons :P and as far as subpoenaing my IP address, good luck with that bud, it’s on a random generator.

  12. Burple5Flurple says:

    @XxTheCryptxX He’s a nightmare! And in an actually scary way, not like an endearing way. Whatver you look up about him or whatever he says on his own blog, makes him sound Keeeerazzy!

  13. Burple5Flurple says:

    @hypnojunkie08 but he’s going to sue you too!
    :O He lives with his mother, he’s failed every suit he’s filed and I’ve blocked him on all of his channels. I can afford to wait another two years, so say whatever you like to him!

  14. polosantamaria says:

    hey don’t worry about your looks, I like the tranced look and you look beautiful. nice clip, do more

  15. XxTheCryptxX says:

    @hypnojunkie08 lol i dont mind its funny he sounds abit obsessed :/

  16. XxTheCryptxX says:

    @Persephonetoo i have no idea lol

  17. hypnojunkie08 says:

    ugh, i’m sorry you had to experience Parker (BettorOffSingle), XxTheCryptxX. He’s a bit of a nut-job. The vid itself is great, but you might want to disable comments on it. :/ Your’e in for a looooong list of notifications from him.

  18. BettorOffSingle says:

    @XxTheCryptxX You IDIOT. You are begin targeted by men and women with a HYPNOFETISH. They like to hypnotize women and RAPE them you stupid ditz.

  19. BettorOffSingle says:

    @Burple5Flurple Actually pretty women like this usually run TO the guy you warn them to avoid. If you weren’t such a pathetic loser geek you might have lerned that by now. Oh, and the WOMAN who dumped Cara Loraw in the insecurity video that she referenced is named Angelia K. Cara Loraw can thank you for provoking that out of me. I’m sure she’s proud of you.

  20. BettorOffSingle says:

    @Burple5Flurple Cara Loraw is in love with a married guy named __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ .

    Want me to name him in a way that Cara will know you provoked it?

  21. BettorOffSingle says:

    @Burple5Flurple Are you trying to get this girl sued too? You’re not helping those you claim to care about one bit. Your dig at my mom is going to be very useful in court against Cara Loraw. Actually, when I subpoena 7a’s name I can add yours to the list, so get ready to be identified.

  22. BettorOffSingle says:

    @Burple5Flurple Cara Loraw is the one who left youtube, remember? Poor thing. You sound bitter. Yelling at me won’t bring her back.

  23. BettorOffSingle says:

    @Burple5Flurple If you’re proud of what will get Cara Loraw sued, that’s your problem. Vandals are often proud of their work until the cops show up. Women like that are smarter than to listen to some pathetic bird-dog. Yo’re also STALKING me here…..and making the case againstCara Loraw very easy to win.

  24. Persephonetoo says:

    What were the changes in color & shadow by the lamp?

  25. Burple5Flurple says:

    Hey, you, look up Gordon Roy Parker or check BetterOfSingle’s channel. And avoid talking to him and block him if neccessary:) Seriously.

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