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The Reason Why Self Hypnosis Never Seems to Work

February 4, 2011 by relax  
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Self hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool when used to help you achieve your goals! Achieving goals, as with anything in life depends on your internal state. You can use the power of self hypnosis to program into your mind a plan for goal achievement and even instil new beliefs and behaviours that will help you reach your objectives. So why doesn’t self hypnosis work for everyone?

Many people fail to get any measurable results from self hypnosis because they are not using it correctly!

The first step you should take when considering using self hypnosis is to know what you want. Although this may sound elementary and a little condescending really consider it. Are you certain, in every deatil, as to how your life will benefit from reaching your goal? Do you know exactly what it is you want to gain from using self hypnosis? Or, do you just listen to a generic self hypnosis session and hope for the best?

For example, listening to a self hypnosis recording for more confidence may be a good goal but how do you quantify confidence? Do you want to be confident around other people or potential mates? Are you seeking to gain more confidence in your job or work-life? Is it really that you want to be more confident about your abilities and therefore it is your self-esteem that you are wishing to build?

For self hypnosis, like any other self improvement technique, to be effective you must use it with a goal in mind! Your goal, for use with self hypnosis, must be precise. You must make it as detailed as possible.

Try writing down a list of things you would like to achieve and then prioritize them. Take your most important desire and turn it into a goal. Write it down. Do it now!

Have you done it?

When you write down a goal you change it from a wish into a statement of intent. With this statement of intent you can program it into your subconscious mind, through self hypnosis, and make it your future reality. This makes your desire real and tangible and no longer a vague wish or dream. By doing this you have just created a powerful self hypnosis goal!

Now that you are clear on what you want and have created your first self hypnosis goal you need to finish this preliminary work before you ever enter a self hypnosis state.

You must now re-write your goal in the present tense as though you already have it. If you have major trouble feeling comfortable writing it in the present tense then write it as though it is in the process of coming true. Do not tate your goal as though it will come to you in the future! Never state what you do not want or include any of the things that you are trying to eliminate!

Your self hypnosis goal must state your intention positively and only include what you want. “I am debt free” is a bad example, for in order to be debt free you must first think of debt! “I am prosperous and wealthy”, is much better as it includes what you do want! “I am no longer uncomfortable in social situations”, is bad as you are focusing on your lack of confidence! “I am a highly confident person who is at ease with others in any situation”, is much more suitable as it states the positive outcome you are seeking!

The subconscious mind works, not in words, but in pictures. This becomes very apparent during self hypnosis. So whatever you do right at this moment don’t think of an elephant! What did you just think of? An elephant! Right?

In order not to think of an elephant your subconscious mind has to produce a picture of an elephant so it knows what you don’t want to think about! This is why it’s very important to never include what you do not want in your self hypnosis goal!

When you use self hypnosis to re-program your subconscious mind with this goal, the mental pictures you form will be automatically positive due to the wording of your goal. So only use positive, goal-affirming statements! Ensure your statements are detailed, positive and to the point. Doing this will force your subconscious mind to create pictures that reinforce your desires and it will use them as as a guide to creating your future!

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