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The States of Hypnosis

May 16, 2010 by relax  
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Learn How to do Instant Inductions Here!!… State 1 Light 2 Medium 3 Somnambulism 4 Esdale (Hypnotic Coma) 5 Ultra Depth Testing 1 Eye Closure 2 Catalepsy ( Arm wont bend or eyes stuck) 3 Amnesia & Anesthesia 4 Wont respond to suggestions 5 Time distortion Note This information is what I know about the states of hypnosis. If you have any further information post it below. Check out my Hypnosis T-shirts they are designed to bring people to you to be hypnotized. Want to save money? Use Zazzle Coupons when you buy my shirts! Kari is a professional Photographer see her website here Learn How to do Instant Inductions Here!!

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25 Responses to “The States of Hypnosis”
  1. ScreamingTc says:

    From the ease you sent her under I’m guessing she has a predisposition towards being hypnotised? I mean prior to being being conditioned. Would there be any danger of someone potentially becoming addicted to the sensation/state?

  2. SASRosco03 says:

    @copperbeech1 ya its cool huh my!

  3. SASRosco03 says:

    @bluemagickbo no! pure witchcraft! Not Science! haha jk

  4. jessewjoseph says:

    Great video, man. She is obviously a pro at going under. I notice, though, that for the states deeper than somnambulism, you’re suggesting the characteristics of that state. If I recall, Elman says subjects in the esdaile state have spontaneous anesthesia. It would be great if you could make a video of you doing this cold! =]

  5. bluemagickbo says:

    @copperbeech1 SCIENCE!!!

  6. copperbeech1 says:


  7. walterallred says:

    Just so you know the link in your description doesn’t work when clicked because of the trailing elipses (3 periods).

  8. SASRosco03 says:

    Hypnosis feel very natural you it might just not be what you expect it to be. Check out my other videos with the suggestibility tests

  9. bamatommy says:

    I’ve been listening to hypnosis cd’s for several weeks in a row. It seems like I’m achieving light trance, but nothing more. If a hypnosis cd says to see if I can open my eyes, I can open them with no problem. How can I achieve deeper states of hypnosis without having to pay a bunch of money for a professional hypnotist session?

  10. SASRosco03 says:

    @bamatommy Your welcome :)

  11. bamatommy says:

    I love this video. Very interesting.

  12. SASRosco03 says:

    @icemonstersoccer ya! :)

  13. icemonstersoccer says:

    haha this is pretty cool.
    was kinda funny though 1:50-2:02 “You can make them forget stuff, and they don’t feel any pain” ;)

  14. Skastel1987 says:

    and how would i do that?

  15. SASRosco03 says:

    @Skastel1987 If you can hypnotize a person you just need to test for which state you are in.

  16. Skastel1987 says:

    Can you teach me how to do those stages?

  17. Skastel1987 says:

    How do you get the subject into the last two stages of hypnosis

  18. Skastel1987 says:

    How do you get the subject into the last two stages of hypnosis

  19. pieman123ish says:

    Hey i’m commenting AGAIN

    I was on the school bus and i randomly hypnotized my friend…

  20. SASRosco03 says:

    @poly501 Nope… lol….however that works with the coma state… sometimes… lol

  21. poly501 says:

    she is not gonna wake up even if u throw her water on the face? lol

  22. SASRosco03 says:

    @DesertSmeagle No the subconscious mind would emerge the person

  23. DesertSmeagle says:

    in coma hypnosis couldnt people just molest the body….sexual hypnotisers lol

  24. SASRosco03 says:

    @pieman123ish good work

  25. pieman123ish says:

    Wow…. i did Catalepsy on my brothers eyes!

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