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Use of self-hypnosis for procrastination?

June 4, 2014 by relax  
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Question by makeyourwish: Use of self-hypnosis for procrastination?
Hello there icon smile Use of self hypnosis for procrastination?

I recently discovered, or rather, read about self-hypnosis as a viable form of treatment for a great deal of things! Supposedly it’s a really powerful tool, but it’s use was abandoned in medical situations over chemical medication.

I want to know, can self-hypnosis effectively turn my procrastinating into a more productive time?
Since procrastination is caused by fear or disorganization, which is usually deeply rooted within one person, I wonder if it is possible.
When I think about it, If you could change such a thing, a most common problem, but still a seriously life-affecting one, there’s so much possibility here!

I am forgetful, easily distracted (concentration issues) and I often dwell on the past. I’ve been trying to fix these, to me, very pesky problems.

I’ve got ideas, creative ideas (animation, music) and I don’t act upon them since I don’t have any work ethic when it comes to doing something that I myself thought of.

Can self-hypnosis help with this?

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Answer by Hannah
Self hypnosis is used for a wide variety of things… And I have used it in hospitals and for out patient visits it is an important part of my recovery process… It not only helps me with the chronic pain but also the acute pain that comes with blood tests and what not I just tell myself it really doesn’t hurt and amazing it does help! Now I’m not sure about it working for procrastinating but you might as well try it I mean it can’t hurt right?!?! Well good luck!!

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