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Using Self Hypnosis on Others

January 31, 2011 by relax  
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Self hypnosis, to some, appears mystical or magical – a magical technique that can make people do things against their will and even perform acts without them knowing or remembering. Unfortunately this misguided view of self hypnosis stems from Hollywood depictions of evil hypnotists and government assassination plots.

Stage hypnosis in its current form has damaged the general view of self hypnosis as well. Although highly entertaining, stage hypnotism has damaged the reputation of hypnosis and weakened the generic view of this powerful mind tool.

Self hypnosis and hypnosis are just words used to describe an extremely relaxed state of body and highly focused state of mind. This relaxed state allows us to clear our minds of unwanted mind-clutter, worries and the constant mind chatter associated with them.

With the growing popularity of self hypnosis and the growing awareness of its capacity to create profound internal changes there is becoming a greater lack of understanding about the processes involved. In fact most people never realize that they enter states of self hypnosis regularly. You actually experience states of hypnotic trance many times throughout a normal day.

The one state that most people will most quickly and easily identify as a trance state is that of daydreaming. However, when you watch television read a book or become engaged in an engrossing conversation you are experiencing different degrees of the trance state. You also enter into this type of state just before you fall asleep and directly after awakening.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, for in order to enter a hypnotic state you must willing give your consent to be hypnotized. No hypnotist can force you into trance!

Self hypnosis can be explained simply as a very relaxed state of body that is accompanied by a heightened sense of mental focus and concentration.

This of course means that hypnosis and self hypnosis are the exact same phenomenon and the fact that we all move in and out of trance states throughout the day means that everyoone is hypnotizable. Added to that, the fact that hypnosis is the same as self hypnosis, we realize that it is possible to use self hypnosis on someone else.

The first thing you need to do if you wish to hypnotize someone else is to experience the state yourself. You will make a much better hypnotist if you have personally experienced the profound peace and heightened focus of the trance state.

There are many great self hypnosis recordings available that can take you into trance within a very small amount of time. By using these recordings you will undergo trance yourself. When you know what it feels like to enter trance you will be more qualified to create it for another.

If you are interested in learning self hypnosis techniques to create trance in yourself and others it is advisable to get a good self hypnosis course. Techniques that you can use on yourself can easily be modified to be used on others. Having already experienced the trances state through pre-recorded sessions you will be better able to identify the processes involved when learning these techniques.

Finding the correct self hypnosis course is important. You need to ensure the course teaches the latest techniques in trance induction. Self hypnosis has moved rapidly into the 21st Century and uses 21st Century techniques and tools. The use binaural beats recordings can also heavily influence your sessions and greatly increase your chances of successfully inducing a trance state in yourself and others. Free binaural beats generators can be downloaded from the Internet and incorporated into your self hypnosis sessions by playing them in the background or listening to them through headphones.

Once you have found the correct course use the techniques on yourself before you try them on someone else. This will help you perfect your skills and the experience necessary to create deeper trance states in your hypnotic subjects.

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