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What are some good embarrassing hypnotic suggestions?

January 23, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Danny: What are some good embarrassing hypnotic suggestions?
My friend hypnotized me and it worked a whole lot better than I thought it would. So well, in fact, that it kinda freaked me out (hallucinations worked!). I trust this friend implicitly, but I want to know how far my subconscious would let me go under hypnosis. We set up a time to experiment with how far it would go but I need some suggestions as to what we should try (I’m male btw). Nothing inherently sexual please, but things that would be really embarrassing if they actually work.

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Answer by Drew
Punch yourself in the eye, drink 3 cans of tomato juice, then put the empty cans in your pants.
Good luck!

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