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what could be the psychology behind his fetish?

May 12, 2013 by relax  
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Question by rinxre: what could be the psychology behind his fetish?
A fetish for possession and hypnosis. My boyfriend has a fascination with these things and I am wondering if there could be any unconscious reason why. He prefers females to be possessed but he loves the idea of females hypnotizing males and making them sexually submissive. Thoughts?

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Answer by leeman27534
who knows why we like the things we like, our favorite foods, colors, music… its just a personality quark. kinda sounds like he wants to be controlled, and hypnosis is just his way of doing it. some people go for domination and submission, and he may later, but he just lieks this thing. maybe when he was little, he developed a thing for hypnosis, and later sexually being dominated, and he just combined the two. be glad he’s honest with you, and try to work with him about it.

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