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What do you know about hypnosis?

December 19, 2012 by relax  
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Question by yeahtifpower: What do you know about hypnosis?
I would really love to get hypnosis done to me to help me concentrate better in school. I start college next week. I know that if I go to a psychologist or whatever they’ll just put me on meds (or maybe not idk). I’m really interested in hypnosis. Do you think hypnosis would really help me concentrate and become more motivated with my school work?

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Answer by Antares
It is possible you don’t like school and this could be causing the mental instability and lack of concentration. If it’s a medical condition; ADD ADHD – then see a physician. They could send you to a specialist and prescibe you THC or Ritalin. If that doesn’t get you interested in school then you are F’ed. Hypnosis is faulty and dangerous. You are letting a stranger poke around inside your mind. They can leave residual images and messages (religious & idiological)
Take a friend to your sessions and have them monitor you when you are under hypnosis.

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3 Responses to “What do you know about hypnosis?”
  1. Tom R says:

    It not only will help you concentrate better but may even allow you to take an open book test even when you do not have the book. Many people who use hypnosis regularly can literally read a page of a book verbatim. in their mind, they must of course have read the book in the first place. It is much more efficient to read in a light trance and commit the work to complete memory. With a little practice you can self induce and memorize the text and/or the lecture verbatim. your are not going to be able to do this with out training. you are running a lot behind when you are about to start school. you want a hypnotist not a psychologist.
    preferably a classically trained hypnotist or NLP practitioner. write and I may be able to help.

    A pill for every problem is not the answer. I noticed that the person just ahead of me suggested THC—Hmmm the active ingredient in M.J. grass or what ever you chose to call it . I must of course wonder as to his credentials if any.

  2. D4mrNm says:

    The truth is somewhere between the extremes of the 2 answers above.

    Hypnosis could potentially help you concentrate. If you can find a hypnotist who’s capable, not wacky, and reasonable (the industry is totally unregulated; you could open up shop as a hypnotist today if you wanted), they might be able to help you focus. Note that NLP Practitioners tend to be true believers, and are often pretty smug. Hypnosis is not really that dangerous, especially if you realize it’s just about focus and attention.

    By the same token, if you have some sort of problem causing you to be unable to focus, as opposed to just being uninterested or moving at a faster pace than your peers, a psychologist would probably be the best way to go. A good one won’t just drug you and send you on your way.

    Of course, you might be just fine, and not need to worry about it. Maybe getting some exercise before class will burn off some energy and help you focus. Maybe you should take some more interesting classes, or find better teachers. I’d definitely look for easy, cheap, self-directed answers before bringing in a professional.

  3. msc1a says:

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