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What is the correct way to organize a ten page research paper?

January 18, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Jenny: What is the correct way to organize a ten page research paper?
I have to write a ten page research paper about Medical Hypnosis. What would be some good things to include, and what would be the best way to organize the paper so it flows nicely?

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3 Responses to “What is the correct way to organize a ten page research paper?”
  1. lalala says:

    we;; definitely a cover page, and try and index, then list the point syou’ll go through, naming them like i), ii). iii)

    and then give them those titles when you get to them in the paper.

    scientific reports like subheadings. i’m sure there’s an outline on the internet about how to do it perfectly. but a contents page might be good. and put graphs in there lol! and statistics tables! whhheeee i hope that helped maybe a little tiny bit

  2. Rigo Tovar says:

    i will be honest with you , start your paper with a basic college structure. start with an introduction thesis statement ( what your paper is going to be about[medical hypnosis ). same paragraph mention the topics your going to talk about.(it is also important to mention the sources only the main ones) in a 10 pager its usually two or three.

    second paragraph talk about the first topic you mention in your introduction(remember the order of your topics must be same as your introduction)

    keep doing all your topics until you run out of thoughts.. this will probably happen in the 6six page… in this case try to find relative information of medical hypnosis maybe something you can compere with…

    your conclusion should relay on a recap of what you talked about… however if you want to make it look professional recommend an alternative solution ..but it must be relevant

    in 10 pager it is okay to use repetition just make look like “legit” rewording

    most college professors dont read 10 pages they focus on the intro middle page like (3) and they give up reading your paper like in the 5 page .. and the jump to the conclusion.. unless you have a very clintchy professor

  3. Prez says:

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