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What is the goal of counseling, and what processes may hinder it?

November 12, 2013 by relax  
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Question by progrockgal: What is the goal of counseling, and what processes may hinder it?
In other words, is it wise to search for memories through techniques like guided imagery, age regression, and hypnosis?

Or is it wise to keep a trained eye on the past, assuming that true healing cannot occur unless the past is retrieved?

How should a person respond when their therapist focuses on retrieving memories that may be repressed?

–This is for a research paper, so please answer as honestly, and as lengthy, as you wish.

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Answer by felix
what good will your qualification do you, exept make you money?
consider diogenes surley it is better to live with a free mind than be stockaded by qualification.
if the goal of your study is to help others start by helping yourself, if it takes a lifetime to understand your subject then it is a life better spent than one spent ‘copy pasting’ answers…

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3 Responses to “What is the goal of counseling, and what processes may hinder it?”
  1. tanya says:

    I am not a counsler, I have received counsling for the last 1 1/2 years. The goal was to make me feel better, it worked

  2. zephyrescent says:

    I was just chatting about this VERY topic earlier in a cafe-WOW! Here’s what i said;
    The psychoanalytic method of harnessing the analysand’s past as an anchor for all the counselling process may just be as unhealthy as substituting one drug for another. Of course it is sensible to analyse the past and understand the formation of self through various experiances. However, to COMPLETELY emmerge oneself in it is to run the risk of falling out of the future, of trying to live a life always under the shadow of the past. I have studied alot of Buddhist and Taoisy psychotherapy and have found that in many instances the mind will heal as naturally as the body does, it merely needs the inclination to do so and a clean environment in which to heal and flourish. On this basis the very obsession of psychoanalysis with past experience, though wise to delve into, really smells of Western Christian suffering and guilt complex. How much cultural contamination must we have given many fields without our knowledge. And only since the waning of Christianity, the fresh look at ideas and the opening of East-West wisdom exchanges, are we able to see that perhaps the very basic principals are flawed. Therefore, a more harmonious chrono-counselling is perhaps needed between past present and future. In this way we can make aware the origins, clean a greater growing space in the present and enlighten the optimism for a path ahead.
    If you want lengthy i would be willing to delve into this further should you wish.
    Good luck in your paper, i’m writing one too-oh how we suffer!! lol

  3. whatever it takes says:

    im not an expert at all so dont use this for youre paper, but my opinion is that I think if I could go back in time, in my mind, and find lost memories that it could really help me. Id definitely give it a try cuz I think it could help.

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