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What is Weight Loss Hypnosis?

March 26, 2011 by relax  
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For people who struggle with losing even a little bit of weight, the entire process of trying to keep the weight off can sometimes be disheartening. It is not uncommon for people to find that it’s easy to shed the first 2 or 3 pounds, and after that the weight just doesn’t go down at all.  No wonder then that diets always find a huge following, irrespective of whether they are good for the body or not. Weight loss through hypnosis is still a much debated issue. There are many who believe that hypnosis can help a person lose weight the right way whereas there are others who feel that hypnosis itself is just ‘ playing around with the mind’.

Hypnosis in real life as practiced by licensed doctors is nothing like what you may have seen in the movies. There is no swinging pendulum or series of moving images designed to lull you to sleep. Hypnosis therapy deals with leading a person into a state of ultimate relaxation, where the person’s mind is susceptible to suggestions or advice from external agents. Hypnosis itself is serious and is often used as an alternative form of treatment to control behavior, cure addictions, control bedwetting and so on. So does hypnosis work for everyone? Before commencing such a treatment, doctors usually conduct a hypnotizability test to check the capacity of a person to become hypnotized in the first place. People who score 0-1 are termed Apollonians and are not responsive to hypnosis. Those who score 2-3 are called Odysseans and can take part in hypnosis therapy. On the other hand, Dionysians who score 4 make the best candidates for such a therapy because they usually go into a trance in no time.

The guiding thought behind weight loss through hypnosis is the fact that in such a relaxed state the doctor can suggest positive information which is beneficial to the person. Negative or self destructive thoughts can be removed as long as the person remains open to such feedback. For instance in such a session, the client and the hypnotist first create a nutrition and exercise plan. During hypnosis, the client accepts instructions which may enable better control over snacking and lifestyle habits. Through the power of suggestions itself, other bad habits can be significantly reduced or removed entirely. Hypnosis brings about such a high degree of relaxation that patients are likely to find themselves less anxious and stressed out about small things in life. When the desire to make certain lifestyle improvements meets the right frame of mind, it can result in high benefits and lots of positive improvements in the  person’s life.

Proponents of such weight loss through hypnosis therapy often advocate that we all need a boost or encouragement to continue on the road to weight loss, every now and then. After all, different forms of relaxation and intense concentration such as yoga, meditation and even hypnotism have been around for centuries. Studies are still being conducted into how and why it works, but people who have tried it claim that after sessions they become stronger and are less likely to deviate from the path of healthy living. Weight loss through hypnosis opens up many more possibilities, which are yet to be completely understood and appreciated.


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