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What kinds of places do hypnotists go to?

July 15, 2013 by relax  
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Question by T_Y_R_A: What kinds of places do hypnotists go to?
Do they go to schools and churches? I want serious hypnosis not comedy. I want something you could get in their office. I really wan the hypnotist to come to my school or church or some kind of gathering.

Also will they try to hypnotize someone not willing and doesn’t know we are trying to hypnotize them? I just want to see how it doesn’t work like that and I’ll be willing to pay for it.

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Answer by Rawr!
I think it’s unlikely that a serious hypnotist would come and perform for you. They would definitely not try to hypnotize someone against their will or unknowingly.

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One Response to “What kinds of places do hypnotists go to?”
  1. naps with cats says:

    I’ve tried it, I didn’t want to be hypnotized, either, but did want to be well and feel better. Because of my unwillingness to be hypnotized, (they try to really relax you until you’re in a trance-like state, vulnerable to whatever they say – I just can’t have that done to me because of my past), I was not hypnotized.

    EMDR, however, is a very helpful tool as you are always aware. It can take quite a few turns at it, but it’s a right-brain, left-brain thing. You are never “under the influence” of someone else’s power. I highly recommend it for anyone with deep-seeded issues that have been forgotten. (I do not remember any Christmases when we were kids, but my older siblings tell me they were traumatic, stuff like that).

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