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What methods/treatment for anxiety actually work?

September 9, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Kelly W: What methods/treatment for anxiety actually work?
I have heard of hypnosis (I don’t really want to waste my $ on that), then there is therapy/counseling (of course). Have you heard of any methods that work?

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Answer by grehui
Therapy (CBT based) has been scientifically shown to be effective in most cases. There are also many medications that can help take an edge off while you are going through therapy. Talk to your primary care doctor, and ask for a referal to a psychologist.

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One Response to “What methods/treatment for anxiety actually work?”
  1. JLD says:

    I would try panic away. That works really well. Or if panicaway doesnt work, I would try to get on Wellbutrin (just for a couple of months), and see how that does for you.I have conquered mine mostly from using panicaway, but I do still struggle at times. Panicaway basically just tells you to accept the feelings, just try to chill out about it a little more. Practice chilling out everyday, and then just try to chill more often. Do whatever chills you out, like baths, music, beer, etc. And everytime those feelings come to you, try really hard to CHILL. It will work with time, chilling is an art.

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